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  1. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Pudge Meat Hook with few weird bugs ;(

    Greetings! I found this map that contain meat hook spell In general is pretty well made, but i found 3 problems with this spell and i don't know how to fix them(i don't know jass).. but i really want this spell in my map.. If anyone can help me, the help will be appreciated! 1. I think the...
  2. paulo101977

    Warcraft 3 process to send/receive external data.

    Is there any way to use some process to send/receive data during a warcraft 3 match against the computer? I'm thinking about using deep learning to create an AI that plays Meele games. But without a communication process, just using what the AI sees on the screen in real time, it would be too...
  3. ComeWithMe

    Warcraft 3 TFT 1.26a HotKeys Binding

    Hi there. I wrote a launcher for Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne game that makes minimal checks for unwanted cheat files in the game directory, sets the path to the game and launches the game. I also implemented a kind of buttons for hotkey bindings of inventory and hero skills. When you click on the...
  4. JC Helas

    Hooking natives event

    Can someone give me the hidden event of hook feature,, i know there was,, an event that respond when the native mention is called.
  5. Ricola3D

    Debugging: how-to log all trigger executions?

    Hello, I am trying to debug a desync issue. For this I am already doing hooks on functions known for causing desync that write logs in a local file. However, I'd like to also log trigger executions. This way I may be able to know what last triggers execute before desync. Do you know how I can...
  6. Ricola3D

    JASS - Is there a way to display the call stack ?

    Hello, Is there a way to display the call stack from JASS ? To know what functions/triggers are at the origin of the code execution ? It would be very usefull for desync debugging, if I could print the call stack in my hook functions :)
  7. matin45

    Auto Cast Hook Meat Ability

    Can anyone make this for me?
  8. MeMeMe123

    What would it take to make a JASS debugger for WC3?

    So, I'm posting this here because at this point, it doesn't feel right to ask in the other forums since this isn't just about WC, but about learning a bit about the tools of the trade. I can program, though it's been years since I've used something more serious than python (which I love, but...
  9. NightSkyAurora

    [vJASS] Access created item in hooked function

    Hi everyone I am trying to get access to items that are created by "CreateItemLoc()" and "CreateItem()" functions Lets say I have this: hook CreateItemLoc CreateItemLocEx and function CreateItemLocEx takes integer itemId, location loc returns item call...
  10. sarumanthecursed

    Hook like spell

    Hey I need a hook like spell similar to Pudge's except I want it to only hook the desired target and not the first unit it encounters, plus a minimum firing range would be nice too. (I know i'm asking much but I got to try :D)