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help for project

  1. TimeMaster

    [Trigger] Timer Window Issue

    Hi guys, Been trying to figure out this timer and I'm a bit confused what I'm doing wrong. So, I've got 4 custom units called Summoner Red/Blue/Green/Black, one timer and a quest. Each time one summoner dies, the timer will stop for a period of time and then continue, part which works as...
  2. SoyMante

    I Need help

    A month ago I started a project based on the beginnings of the horde and the war against the Draeneis in Draenor, I have been learning to use the editor, missions, cinematics, scripts and much more in this time, but the editor every time me It gives more and more problems that I honestly don't...
  3. FeelMyRash

    There and Back Again (Redo of my Map), looking for a partner

    Hello. Anyone who's checked out my maps should (hopefully) be familiar with "There and Back Again". For those not familiar with it, it is a maze map based off "The Hobbit" book and films. The map is currently divided into sub-maps (smalker maps included in the main map), but I am not happy...
  4. Marcus777

    How did they do it?

    I am trying to figure out how they put doodads so it gives 3d look. I know about alpha tileset, but I haven't figured out how they did this. I posted pictures below of what I mean. See how some doodads below others or some are above. Also, in case someone can help me, I created alpha tileset...
  5. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] More Murlocs (Reforged)

    Hello! I've been brainstorming some ideas about a Murloc campaign for Reforged but I can't seem to find any good models for that. At the moment I'm gonna keep hush shush about the project but maybe you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking with the following suggestions: In general more Murloc...
  6. TruNite

    [RELEASING A NEW PROJECT] Adventures of Pinocchio

    *IDEAS & STORY LINE *CHARACTERS *SCREENSHOTS *CREDITS *WHO DO I NEED? _________________________ IDEAS AND STORY LINE Based on the 96 movie, Geppetto's puppet comes magically to life. This puppet, called, Pinocchio, has one major desire, that is to become a real boy. __________________________...
  7. fang24

    [Spell] Wisp gather tree effect

    Ok so as odd as it sounds I had a dream that gave me an idea. Is there away to take the endless lumber harvest of the wisp and make it work for the gold mine? I am going about seeing if I can have all the raises have the power to infinite wood and gold. So far my warzone map is done but this is...
  8. metabaronDK

    Some Custom Units cant use Sound sets as their voice lines in HD. NEED FIX or HELP

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a map with a lot of triggers, custom skins, models, spells and more but i have a problem. Some custom models, will make my units stop talking, unless I use Unit Sound sets which are from non talking units, like the Doom Guard, Skeleton Warrior or Faceless ones...
  9. bakuma

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development

    So i working for a complete enhanced RoC campaign for the Warcraft 3 classic, some of the things missing during in develop due to lack of sounds from Reforged. I wish can someone can import all there sounds. (especially in the Orc & NE campaigns) for my BIG enhanced project. (really large, this...
  10. HerlySQR

    Is someone interested in decorate a map?

    I made this map, I think it has a decent decoration, but I believe it can be better but I don't know about decoration, If you are interested, pls made please do me this favor, I will give you the credits including in the loadscreen. Details: The map is on the 1.26 version. The theme is Outland...
  11. Ilexa

    Looking for someone with good experience in designing Boss Fights/Coding RPGS in general.

    Hey all, I'm currently in the middle of developing my map Saviors of Lordaeron (Saviors of Lordaeron BETA v0.7) and have reached a point where I see my own designed boss fights as lacking. The version of the map currently uploaded has 2 boss fights which work! but one of them is currently rather...
  12. Nosiaz

    My biggest project

    Hi. I have start to remake a original map i was doing when i was kid, im a beginner in trigger but i have make someone quest. I know my project will need hundreds hours of work if im alone on it, i would like to know if someone people would like to help me, like one person for doing spell, one...