1. Dark Iron Wargolem

    Dark Iron Wargolem

  2. IronGolem_Wip


  3. RDZSonicEdits


  4. Rykon-V73

    A very funny and stupid request

    I know I'm requesting a spell, but it's so stupid and funny, that you have to hear it. I'm requesting a spell named 'Golem Lurer' and I know there's a spell called Monster Lure, but I want this spell to attract only golems, their variations and the Infernal and its variations. The Golem Lurer is...
  5. Sapprine

    Realy Simple Model request *WITH GOOD CREDIT!* (Still Pending, please help)

    I have need of a custom model for a project I'm working on. Basically all I'm asking for is a plain Rock Golem portrait with the animations and shape of a Furbolg/Ursa Warrior, alternatively a murloc, without shell/shield and weapon. For credit, read my reply below.
  6. Rykon-V73

    Upgrading my Obsidian Golem

    I made a 2nd version of it with 1000 bonus points, chaos damage and reduced attack damage, but it's worthless, since this unit is already upgraded to the 2nd level. I made the necessary change to the 1st Obsidian Golem: Techtree - Dependency Equivalents Obsidian Golem(my version) I even...
  7. ForgottenNightmare

    Campaign Help

    Hello. I am ForgottenNightmare, otherwise known as Hemlar in some areas of gaming. I am officially working on 2 campaigns stated by the Projects information in my personal profile. These campaigns are the Golem Campaign and the Vendel Campaign. Golem Campaign and Vendel Campaign Part 1 of 2 -...