A very funny and stupid request

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Level 2
Aug 5, 2017
I know I'm requesting a spell, but it's so stupid and funny, that you have to hear it. I'm requesting a spell named 'Golem Lurer' and I know there's a spell called Monster Lure, but I want this spell to attract only golems, their variations and the Infernal and its variations. The Golem Lurer is more like poop or shit that can attract all golem and infernal types. It has an area effect of 800 and the smell can extend up to 1200.
When the enemy rock types get close to the poop, they will have armor reduced by 5.
Here's the link to the poop or shit or whatever: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/bundle...6047063b636542446722c13053e_287884_1505140684
If possible, you can do this after my request with the brilliance/ignorance aura, but it's your choice.
Not open for further replies.