Upgrading my Obsidian Golem

Level 2
Aug 5, 2017
I made a 2nd version of it with 1000 bonus points, chaos damage and reduced attack damage, but it's worthless, since this unit is already upgraded to the 2nd level.
I made the necessary change to the 1st Obsidian Golem:
Techtree - Dependency Equivalents Obsidian Golem(my version)
I even created the ability that turned the 1st Obsidian Golem into the improved one with Obsidian Upgrade.
I only changed 3 things: the name and the 2 options below:
Data - New Type Obsidian Golem(my version)
Techtree - Requirements Exceptional Resistance-lvl. 2
At the Exceptional Resistance-lvl. 2, I changed the following:
Data - Effect 1 Unit Availability Change
Data - Effect 1 - Unit Type Affected Obsidian Golem
Data - Effect 1 - New Availability Unavailable
Data - Effect 2 Unit Availability Change
Data - Effect 2 - Unit Type Affected Obsidian Golem(my version)
Data - Effect 2 - New Availability Available
These things didn't do anything for me. Is there a way to properly upgrade my Golem for the 1st version to the new version?