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  1. kspec

    [Miscellanous / Other] Would Like Some Help/Feedback on "Crazy Mine Cart Riders"

    Hi, I made a new map called Crazy Mine Cart Riders (my username is alphawolf). The terrain is almost complete, and the perspective is in first person, but the secret is it uses the smooth cameras that are used in the Warcraft 3 Campaigns, not panning cameras. This kind of camera work will take...
  2. Cherrymage

    Kazya : Rise of the Kek

    Overview A small roleplay with a lot of freedom, inspired by the fun and crazy first official roleplay of RACC. But not too insane with people trying to overpower each other constantly. The general setting is medieval-renaissance fantasy. It began with warlords and bandits scattered all over...
  3. Retera

    Building a Great Community

    With all the various bugs that I have bumped into while Blizzard works diligently on Warcraft III: Reforged, sometimes I allow some of the negativity into my brain. I am not a perfect person. I played Warcraft 3 for about 15 years, on and off, because I liked to make things in the World Editor...
  4. Essential supplies

    Essential supplies

    Wandering through the place while getting some (much needed) refreshments after a hard night fighting.
  5. MeMeMe123

    For those of you who love animals as much as I do... Livestreams!

    People don't really take this seriously when I tell them about this... But I'm not ashamed of my love for animals :) And if you find kittens hilarious too, check out the kitten academy livestream A 24/7 livestream of kittens. (There are a few more of those to choose from) If puppies are more...
  6. M

    How to design a fun to play level?

    Everytime I create a custom campaign mission, at some point I make a big design mistake, which makes it boring (for example, I add way too many scripts to dungeon chapters). The problem is, if i change anything I'll have to remake most of my level.
  7. S

    BlueEyes and Simplicity

    I don't really expect this to last, I don't know, 2 hours? But it's at-least something I did do. I've made some Alien specie called "BlueEyes" and decided to try and make them famous here. I requested them once to be models for WC3 but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because they...
  8. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Dunkelheit

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Dunkelheit "A World of Darkness" Up-to-date Last Update : 7th of March, 2018 CE Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data The Management Skip this Post aboutAbout Alastorn, the mythical world of darkness that has...
  9. auricgoldfinger

    Anyone insterested in playing a LOAP

    LOAP were very popular in 2005~2008, but it seems to have completly disappeared nowadays. I was wondering if I could find a group of LOAP fans in here to have fun. LOAP is not dead !!!
  10. DeathGho

    New Warcraft 3 Streamer!

    Hello! If you would do me a small favour and check me out over at Twitch, that would mean a lot to me! I tend to stream daily for up to 12-14hrs. Mainly streaming custom games like TD maps and Strategy maps like Broken Alliances. Hopefully you can check me out and maybe if you enjoy my content...
  11. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Terranova

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Terranova "A New Land to Conquer" Under Maintenance Last Update : 22 May, Year 106 of the Republic of China (UTC +8) Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data Council of Managers Skip this Post aboutAbout === WIP ===...
  12. A Void

    Halloween Fun at Blizzard Entertainment

    Here at Blizzard, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Costumed employees and their families trick or treat through the decorated halls and show off their creations. Below, we feature some of the epic costumed families as they visited this week and along with some of the great employee...
  13. Noypi

    Share Your Innermost Contemplation Thread

    Do you have something to confess/share about? Maybe it could be a story about your funniest moment of your life, the most embarrassing experience, the saddest thing that's happened to you or just simply you want to share something to fellow THW members. Forum Rules still apply. Keep it...
  14. DarkZealot1

    Hey people Please check out my map Reign of Heroes

    Its an RPG map. You choose your own hero, fight outside the town and build awesome Nation or Wanderer bases !:vw_death:
  15. SilverSong

    [model building] spatula in pail

    This is for my Time Management map, entering week 2 in development. You can read up on the newest updates here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66945 I want to do something fun and different. I have a manufacturing process called 'Spatula' which just involves mixing...