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Essential supplies

Wandering through the place while getting some (much needed) refreshments after a hard night fighting.
You can actually puff weed in this game
and you even have a quest for it

This is the best rpg map ever
@xISLx I've added many features to each NPC that may (or not) vary depending on difficulty and making every playthrough peculiar. The weed pipe was there for the lulz but can give you an early intelligence boost.

The blacksmith lets you smelt or grind metal and upgrade certain items by yourself, not to mention you get to help him upgrade the militia's weapons and armor.

The alchemist lets you make explosive materials and brew certain elixirs.

The traders open up a better wares and so on..
Sounds interesting :)

Is there a talent system that would ensure the replayability of the game?
I bet there is
@xISLx Hmm so far I've added "perks" which unlock from normal to very hard difficulty.

Some of them level up progressively as you perform certain tasks, others you'll have to research using your 'lumber' stockpile (Celestial Essence) same as Skills (yes, the unit doesn't have hero abilities at all)

Take the parry passive for example, which consists of several components:
- Base parry, which gains you exp on each successful parry and boosts parrying chance and frame duration.
- Enhanced parry, a Tech/Skill-Tree ability you can invest essence in.
- Agility bonus, depending on the Style you've selected for your Defend ability (yes you can be good, neutral, or "evil") and each (10, 8, 5) points you get bonuses to parrying chance.
- Lore bonus, when attacked by a specific enemy you've learned more about after reading scrolls bought from the scholar.

And so on..

Other perks are simpler, like researching one that recovers extra HP and MP from fountains... or feel less hunger and thrist (besides leveling up vitality which unlocks its own perks too).

Upgrading certain items increase your smithing level.. which boosts the repair kit's functions while on the field (which equals less visits to the blacksmith).

And a *ton more stuff I can't recall.
Do they all look the same because they don't stack or are they different levels? It's ugly that way.
Well, only you are moving sluggishly; everyone else is seen normally moving.
@deepstrasz Uhh?

Part of the fun is that your character gets so sh*tfaced (and crippled) he's the one moving very slowly while everyone else is like... 'dafuhh is wrong with him? o_O'

Besides, it's unlikely that the player will obtain that much money to buy and use all five of them in a row, should he choose to get them that is.
@ZethHolyblade, Amazing! Though, what you have there is a Skill Progression which increases the number effectiveness of your abilities and, well, skills.
Which is fine, every game has to have one :D

But the Talent System which I was referring to is something that gives the player a choice and helps them define their own playstyle which they favor and prefer the most

And every possible playstyle is an additional playthrough for the player to have, potentially :)
@xISLx Hmm I see. Pure Mage/Ranger archetypes are not available because the main protagonist is a Warrior-type character.

He does have melee and magical, disciplined and wrathful (or standard by default) oriented abilities that you can focus on and will buff themselves in some cases depending on the player's choice or specialization.

Even though it's not my kind of thing, a battle mage build is feasable, I've done it investing on Intelligence, Mana accesories, Weed+Elite Weed (lol), Lore scrolls, Quest rewards, and focusing on the spell abilities tech trees... you may be a bit of a glass cannon in the end though.

Another thing I included there was the possibility for the player to imbue stuff like his gear depending on the alignment and stats of choice.

So said battle mage build could pick a a gear that boosts the effectiveness of magic or one that compensates his weaknesses.

I dunno if thats enough xD
@ZethHolyblade Just make sure that every gameplay build brings their own alterations to the baseline abilities and the basic gameplay
So when you try out a new build/playstyle, you will experience something entirely new :)

I also love it how every good mage in your lore is like constantly stoned because they need to increase their intelligence with that weed :D

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