1. TruNite

    New Project On The Go: Catching Fire (Death Match)

    This is just an idea of a project I have, please I've been trying to work on this project for ever even before the movie came out so for three days I've re-watched the movies twice or three times just to look at all the aspects of it. I want to look it as closest to the movie I've even searched...
  2. Peach Schnapps

    Hunger System made using Using "Noobsmoke's Buff System 1.8" Help

    Okay so let's say I made 3 buffs, (Probably more in the map but for sake of simplicity at this moment we'll do 3) Well Fed - Let's say it gives you 2% Move Speed (MS) and Maybe 5% HP Regen, +1 all Stats? Fed - Adds and takes no stats. Hungry - A -2% MS Debuff, and -1 all stats. (Honestly...
  3. Essential supplies

    Essential supplies

    Wandering through the place while getting some (much needed) refreshments after a hard night fighting.