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  1. Luashine

    [General] WorldEditor v1.29.2 deletes system's TEMP folder on launch & exit

    Edit: read the post below, it only deletes everything inside the temporary files folder. The editor version 1.29c (6060) aka release 1.29.2 will delete all files and folders where you've saved your map when it exits. 1. Open WE (need to clear registry) 2. Save new empty map in a folder you...
  2. Ricola3D

    Desync produces a log folder : anybody knows how to read/understand it ?

    Hello, I have been looking for the random desync cause of the map I am editing (Xnd Hero Siege). I have searched all the potential causes documented on this forum, and also tried logging almost all trigger executions in the map, but it does not help me anymore.. Recently I discovered that on...
  3. xorkatoss

    Did you know that you can view blp textures in file explorer?

    Hi everybody, first of all I wasn't sure where to post this so off-topic it is xD I was annoyed that all my blp files looked like this: and after a quick search I found a way to make them show previews in file explorer so I wanted to share: Obviously this is old and it's meant for WoW but...
  4. Dispatcher

    Tree Animation

    Hey guys i just downloaded a tree called Crannies Summer and Winter and as you know from this doodad it has a rock at the back of the tree and i only just need the tree so i edited it using Reteras Modeling Studio and saved it and then i notice that if i import this tree in the object editor and...
  5. Dispatcher

    File types

    Can someone pls explain to me what excatly is a tgp,jpg and blp files are and how you use them?
  6. OverClocked

    Can't modify Imported File Properties

    I'm trying to change the path of a imported file but when i click Modify File Properties nothing happens. Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can fix it?
  7. Ricola3D

    How can I log things to debug desync issues ?

    Hello, Like many developers, sometimes, with some players, my map desync. It is not systematic, happens at different time, and doesn't happen often. So it is hard as hell to debug this sh*t... This is a reason why I added log in my maps. I made functions to write rolling logs in a file on the...
  8. JohnnyBoy

    Text file creation problem for save/load

    Hey, im currently working on a map where i have implemented Neostorms save/load system (GUI). However I am not able to write the generated code to a .txt file upon saving. It creates the folder, but it does not contain .txt file. I have followed the tutorials giving in other forum threads on...
  9. loktar

    [vJASS] Check if file (model) exists, or has failed to load (as SFX)?

    Is it possible to check if a file (specifically a model) exists (or can be read), or if it has failed to load as a SFX? A SFX with an invalid model path still returns a valid handle id.
  10. DarkMatterShark

    [JASS] File Writing Problem

    So I have a save code that writes save codes to a text file with preload functions, but the file writes to all players. How can I write it to only the player that typed -save?
  11. Hecky

    Creating .txt file in editor

    Hey, i would like to save a string variable as .txt file like with save/load codes. Please don't send me other systems or links to threads, i have already read them, i just need some specific codes which allows me to create .txt file with couple of strings inside. Can someone help me with this...