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  1. deepstrasz

    [SD/Modeling] TfT Illidan in Black Dragon style?

    Hey, I need a variant of the Frozen Throne Illidan and its Metamorphosis form to look more like a black dragon, still night elf though (no dragon head or limbs; just maybe a bit scaly and horny). If making a new model would be too much effort, an edit of @Ujimasa Hojo's View in 3D (from Demon...
  2. jj84

    [SD/Texturing] Beta troll burrow skin

    hi guys. Actually i worked on troll burrow but i realized that it has different icon, can anyone make a skin like it's icon? I uploaded a model, so please edit the skin for the model.
  3. Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Kangyun's Dranos Saurfang model + Elrat's wolf rider's wolf mount + Jhonwar hero Nazgrel's wolf mount animations and armor bits
  4. deepstrasz

    [SD/Texturing] Need some scars on a WoW texture (please)

    Hey, so basically I require scars on various places of the body, one on the right cheek reaching the lower part of his right eye. The texture shouldn't be full of scars, just around 3-4 including the one on the cheek. The character is a war veteran, now between 40-50 of age. The war ended...
  5. Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Just toyed in photoshop with a screenshot of his Arthas model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/arthas-menethil-frostmourne-hq.316416/, tried to change the face proportions inspired by the face of Murlocogist's Arthas model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/paladin-arthas.321337/
  6. Jaina smiling, from Crossroads cinematic, lovely&blonde too~ <3

    Jaina smiling, from Crossroads cinematic, lovely&blonde too~ <3

    I toyed around with idea of editing BFA jaina to being her up to "colour" her hair, lips and over all. Her BFA model in cutscenes(ingame one is simplier based on generic human female) is close to perfection of capturing her original look in higher fidelity from Wc3.... I love whoever redesigned her~
  7. Jaina smiling, from Crossroads cinematic, lovely&blonde~

    Jaina smiling, from Crossroads cinematic, lovely&blonde~

    I toyed around with idea of editing BFA jaina to being her up to "colour" her hair, lips and over all. Her BFA model in cutscenes(ingame one is simplier based on generic human female) is close to perfection of capturing her original look in higher fidelity from Wc3.... I love whoever redesigned her~
  8. master Gul'dan

    Birth animation

    Please add orc birth animation to Tower (Tower Defense) and Derivatives optimized version.
  9. Gumberbunbder

    Editing Model Rotation Messing Up Animation

    Hello. I know next to nothing about model editing. I was rotating some gate models so i could have vertical and other diagonal versions for buildings in my map and I ran into a problem. I rotated this gate: But its animations are screwed up now. For example here is the death alternate now...
  10. master Gul'dan

    Model Edit

    Please add wretched ears to wretched worker.
  11. DexterFstone

    hero stats

    Hi What is BAT? And Attack animation? And Attack time? And how to work in world editor?
  12. Mr.Goblin

    Warcraft3 Reforge Reforged - Retextures by Mr.Goblin

    WARCRAFT3 REFORGE'S TEXTURES - REFORGED Like many of you, I'm not ...quite... pleased by the graphics of Reforge. It's a damn shame because most models are actually ABSOLUTLY gorgeous upclose, it's just their weird Shader and their color palette choices that made most model look souless and...
  13. Retera

    [Poll] Retera Model Studio GUI Question

    Hi! I am Retera, author of Retera Model Studio tool. I was doing some updates and I thought of a problem in my program that is small, but it affects anyone who uses it. Furthermore, my tool never "calls home" like some modern software. So I have no data metrics about who is using it and what...
  14. Henry_AC

    Edit Spell GUI

    Hello everyone, I was modifying this spell, in the original the hero charged against an enemy and stuns him, what I did was stun the enemy in the area, now what i wanted to fix is for it to be a "target point" and not "unit point" I have a problem here because i don't know how to solve it. That...
  15. master Gul'dan

    Model Edit

    Please add the DreamWeaver to the dranai mage broken and dranai broken hero.
  16. Cheshire

    simple model edit request

    hey there, looking for someone to make some small adjustments to this troll by @HappyTauren (who says there he is fine with it being edited): 1. give him something with team color (part of his pants/some sort of minor armor/his bracers - whatever) 2. give him a weapon that doesn't stab him...
  17. master Gul'dan

    Weapon edit

    Please add the specified weapon to the specified model.
  18. master Gul'dan

    Icon recolor

    Please recolor or edit these icons to forest troll. Thanks.
  19. master Gul'dan

    Animation edit

    Please change attack -1 animation to spell and change spell animation to attack -1. Thanks.
  20. master Gul'dan

    Model Edit

    Request: please remove birth animation and add naga birth animation to model.
  21. Recklessness

    Reforged Model Requests: that might generally be helpful anyways

    I am currently working on an rpg and I think it's funky seeing some some of the SD models next to HD environments. I think some of these models edits would be useful models to have in general for the HIVE. Some of these models I think are just edits while others seem to me that they would have...
  22. jj84

    Birth animation

    Request Hi everyone Please change the birth animation to naga birth animation style.
  23. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Frozen Throne and Lich King models minor edit

    Hey, if anyone could please do these two-three requests, I'd really appreciate it: - remove the dome from the Frozen Throne doodad/model because it blocks the sky/vision in general ->1 model; - remove the Lich King/Ner'zhul from both the Lich King and the Frozen Throne (above edited one) models...
  24. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Wall End Lantern fire off request + gate doors direction switch

    Hey, sorry for the trouble. Is there a way to make gates open their doors in the other direction than in the game's default which is facing south? I assume the models have to be rotated in a model editor somehow? For the second request, there's this structure doodad which doesn't have any fire...
  25. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Rising Water edit - please

    Hey, so, if anyone could and would want to edit the cinematic doodad called Rising Water (Icecrown Glacier tileset) to only have the waves and no water. That'd be great. Or, if the water removal is problematic, at least make it not rise. I need it for the map I'm working on: Please :D (file...
  26. stein123

    Harraxe / Forest Troll Chieftain model edit (SOLVED)

    Hi people, i wanna ask if anyone can help me with this request, i have this model, from the GTW mod, and it lacks a proper portrait, hero glow, and the right shoulderpad (wich dissapears in the model editor and WE), thanks in advance if you can help me!
  27. master Gul'dan

    Animation summoner

    Summoner hero: Please add hero glow and dissipate sea witch animation to naga Summoner model.
  28. jj84


    Please add the sharp side on both sides of the pickaxe. More explanation: remove other side and take a clone from the sharp side and add it on other side. Model link: Pickaxe Item or Pickaxe | HIVE Also, I can use this as a attachment for any model. Thanks and rep for help.
  29. jj84

    Model Edit

    Please add the sharp side on both sides of the pickaxe. Model link: Pickaxe Item Thanks.
  30. master Gul'dan

    Dark Ranger

    I have two requests for edit the dark ranger model. 1.Remove any black smoke in the model and portrait. 2.Please add team color to dark ranger cape, like a ranger model. Thanks.
  31. jj84

    Add a weapon (with model editor)

    how to add a weapon to a model with model editor? Please a tutorial with images.
  32. jj84

    apothecary weapon

    Please remove Undead Apothecary - Wc3C.net weapon and add dreamweaver staff to apothecary. Staff: DreamWeaver Thanks and rep for help.
  33. jj84

    Gold bag

    Someone can add peon gold bag for original wc3 blood elf and high elf worker. More explanation: 1.remove blood elf and high elf worker gold bags. 2.add peon gold bag to blood elf and high elf worker.
  34. jj84

    Fel Skins

    Can anyone make a fel orc skin for wc3 thrall.
  35. jj84

    Animation (unsolved)

    Can anyone change portrait animations model to default wc3 animations, replace or import original priest talk animations to two model i uploaded.
  36. jj84


    Please add crown model to skeleton warrior head and skeleton warrior portrait head. Sorry for my bad english.
  37. Masky

    Ghoul Edit (Model request)

    hello dear modelers, i have a request for a "mutated or corrupted ghoul". Basically i need a ghoul who have some tentacles or demon wings on her back, i tried to make it by myself but its to hard for me D: ill post a pic that i made in photoshop as a reference. Imgur ill give u +rep, credits...
  38. master Gul'dan

    Team color (Solved)

    Can anyone add team color to this model? Please add team color to the Shoulders.
  39. jj84

    Hero Glow

    How to add and remove hero glow with War3 Model Editor. Please a tutorial with picture.
  40. master Gul'dan

    Mining Pick

    please edit the Pickaxe model to the Mining Pick model. Thanks. Model link: Pickaxe Item
  41. SgtWinter

    WC2 Temple of the Damned Edit Request

    Hiya, Winter here! I'm just here to request someone to edit this model. WCIITempleOfDamned What I want is for somebody to replace the red demonic base foundation thing under it with the standard WC3 Orc one. Should be simple enough, though I'm not really good at model editing so I wouldn't...
  42. dell

    Model Edit Request

    Good this is my request I need you to replace the axe of the grunt model by the thrall hammer and change the animations of the death knight model by those of the archmage and add the animation of decay bone and decay flesh
  43. Reinhold

    Simple Model Request

    Hey there. I'm not requesting that much, just a black version of Immolation model. I would like to use it with my Breath of Darkness.
  44. D

    Replacing a model texture

    With 1.29, the team colors changed paths it seems, so this Kel'Thuzad model now has violet shoulders and tabard instead of black, like in the preview image (far right), because the creator was using the team colors for textures. I need someone to change this back for me. Just for Kel'Thuzad, not...
  45. Snigglel

    Editing a Custom Map together, simultaneously?

    As the heading says: Has anyone come up of a way to edit a wc3 map together with a friend simultaneously? Much like google doks? That would be lovely!
  46. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Vashj submerged version with movement, please?

    Basically, I need Lady Vashj submerged like the Myrmidon, Naga Royal Guard and/or Snap Dragon. This means, you can use their submerged version but the portrait has to be that of Vashj. One more thing, while moving the model needs too look the same as submerged. Please and thanks.
  47. Woodenplank

    Unit Portrait Disappearing/Messing up

    Hello Sorry in advance if this is not the right thread, wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently edited a model (Sylvanas Windrunner, living) to remove the Hero Glow. The edit itself worked nicely (set alpha to 0 for a Material, and the corresponding Geoset Sequence), but now the portrait...
  48. SNIper of DARKness

    Edit Pike in Halberd

    Greetings, I would like to request for someone to edit the Pike on this brave bandit in to a Halberd. Not sure if the portrait is needed but here have it as well.
  49. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Crypt Fiend edit - Please

    Could/would somebody either create something similar to this or make a portrait for the current one? CryptFiend @Alok, @MatiS, @-Grendel, @Callahan, @Tarrasque, who wants/can? Thanks.
  50. zhica

    Model Editing, Magos Model Editor

    I added sound to the model when it attacks, but thats not the problem, just by opening the model and saving it, its size is decreased by a few KB's and a texture that was invisible is now visible ingame... which looks bad.