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  1. Dalaran Thief

    Dalaran Thief

    The Basic model credit:Ujimasa Hojo, johnwar.
  2. LordHatchet95

    Testing Dalaran Mages Faction (custom Tech Tree made by me)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, your friendly soda addicted sh***y modder. Today I bring you a custom altered melee map I've been making. Dalaran Mages: Their gimmicks/uniqueness: Most units and buildings have Mana shields. Lumber Mills can manually harvest large amounts of wood. Some units...
  3. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] kirin tor mages

    hello can some one plass make a kirin tor mage units models or add the kirin tor flavor to mage models from WOW pleass for some of the follwing models ? https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/warcraft-ii-mage.231395/ https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/female-human-mage.231160/...
  4. MrAnotnius

    [SD/Modeling] Floating Dalaran Model

    Hello, I would like to ask someone if they can make a Floating Dalaran model (Unit), similar to how Undead Black Citadel unit works. This model could be a simple combination of Arcane Observatory and retextured “Rocks Floating” variation 4 with cityscape grass on top and dirt bellow. Adding...
  5. The Scourge Arrives at Dalaran

    The Scourge Arrives at Dalaran

    Like most of my posts so far, this is a reimagining of what Reforged Could have shown off. This uses the Village and Cityscape Tilesets to create a Dalaran Look closer to WoW's style. I also added a few fall trees to give the variation shown off in Hillsbrad.
  6. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and elves reforged

    hello everyone if you can and willing to help i ask if anyone can mages both hero and units for the reaces the use magic such as humans high/blood elf and so on in reforged becuas the creep wizerds units look to evil ro renaged to by as still part of the kirin tor or any lewfull way and and...
  7. Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    Fall in Dalaran Ruins

    A vibrant yet pleasant contrast made with autumn tree skins! Read caption for sources and credits.
  8. Ardenaso

    [Strategy / Risk] The Culling: Purge of Dalaran edition

    THIS MAP NEEDS REFORGED GRAPHICS The Purge of Dalaran The Purge of Dalaran is a major event in the Alliance-Horde war that led to Dalaran being pledged to the Alliance after the Sunreavers and the Horde was purged from it. This map is basically an asset flip of The Culling in Reforged...
  9. Mage


  10. matin45

    ToD map series

    Hello everyone, I just started creating a series of maps that named ToD (Throne of Dalaran) with Dalaran theme. Here I want you test my maps and leave feedback for me and give ideas about new maps of ToD. You can find map pages below post in my signature. Please help me with testing them and...
  11. Standhaft

    Map Request, Dalaran

    Has anyone made any Dalaran maps I could use? I just want to mess around with units in the Warcraft 3 Reforged Beta Editor. Whether they are melee maps, custom campaign maps, or based on the campaign Dalaran maps is all good. I just want it to have a Dalaran theme and I am not very good at...
  12. necro-mage14

    Need a Someone good in english

    Hello guys, I need some one know english and warcraft lore because I need him to give me a good and unique names for some custom units and heroes I will create for my project for now this the list of my custom Units: CUSTOM UNITS[/COLOR]"] more will come soon....
  13. Woodenplank

    New Daralan (Floating City)

    I would like to make a model request. It should be fairly simple ('far as I know...) I would like to make a "floating Dalaran city" model. I think an edit of the "Arcane Observatory" unit on top of a thick set of clouds would do nicely. You could think of it as a Dalaran version of the...
  14. nightelfbuilder

    Dalaran Spires

    can someone make a texture or a model for the Dalaran spires, I know there is a skin for that already but I need a more purple one like in Wow.
  15. SNIper of DARKness

    Requesting a Loremaster

    Greetings to you, I am in need of someone that knows his fair share of Warcraft Lore for one of my projects, specifically Dalaran in the third war.
  16. Standhaft

    [Campaign] AU Alliance Campaign G2

    Update 16 January 2020 With the impending release of Warcraft 3 Reforged, I am pretty interested in re-commencing this project. However, the beta editor isn't sufficiently complete to use and I don't want to use the classic tools at this time so I am pretty much just waiting for the official...
  17. Gandalf7000

    [Strategy / Risk] Defence of Dalaran City

    Hi. I' ve been working on this map for a while now. It mainly follows the Reign of Chaos storyline except this time you have do defend Dalaran and not siege it. Map info: Kel'Thuzad has opened the Dark Portal and Arcimonde has entered Azeroth to cause chaos. The Wizards of the Kirin Tor and...
  18. Xanadu-King

    Custom Campaigns for Custom Races

    Hello and Good Evening, I am writing this in the hopes that someone out there will be willing to hear me, and maybe, decide to join up. About a week ago I discovered that Wa666r had made some amazing custom races. From High Elves, to Worgens, to the infamous Forsaken lead by, the beautiful even...
  19. Dalaran Entrance

    Dalaran Entrance

    Developing Dalaran-themed Fortifications
  20. Cuore

    Dalaran-themed structures wanted: a missing resource

    Looking for doodads themed on Dalaran, I really thought that the Separate Dalaran Buildings entry found in the Simple Edit Resources Thread would do the trick for me but I was in for an unpleasant surprise when I discovered that the post that should have contained them is from a deleted user and...