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  1. Borgusul

    [SD/Modeling] Can no longer find High Elf Town Hall Building

    Maybe I've been dreaming this and my request is fairly vague, but I recall there being a High Elf-esque town hall model of sorts that was different from MatiS's models (which are great), where there was something of a magic well in the center. For the life of me, I can no longer find this model...
  2. Giant Fucking Castle

    Giant Fucking Castle

    A Giant Fucking Castle
  3. Blikunman

    LF Beta Testers - Castle Tactics

    Hey its Blikun, im presenting a nice auto-army tactical game [photo showcase soon] This map is based in an old Browser Flash Game called Miragine Wars (also in android) : Original game's video click here. Play the original game click here. If you want to help me test this map playing it...
  4. Virus Named Z

    Virus Named Z

    It's just a beginning ...
  5. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  6. UmbraUnda

    Medieval Realms

    -Medieval Realms- Medieval Realms is a grand and complex RTS. It overhauls all the old WC3 systems and adds many new systems along with new mechanics for combat, construction, and much more. Test alpha map will be released soon. Still a work in progress... Inspired by Stronghold and Age of...
  7. PrinceYaser


    Castle... , Killing the time... I love terraining however! Tell me your opinions guys, they are very welcome! :)
  8. Kamil Hason

    [Defense / Survival] The Final Days of stromholme

    Hero/castle Survival 2-4 players recommended Name - The Final Days of Stromholme Construct your own base, or become a one man army with just your hero, and defend Stromholme! I'm got alot of work still, but most of my buildings, shops, and heroes are finished. After shops are finished...
  9. fireblasts

    [Aeon of Strife] Nature Of War

    Nature Of War Created by FireBlasts Map Info: "Back in the Dark days past there once was a war between to castles nether was strong enough to destroy each other till YOU came along with your warriors from other lands let us conquer them together or die trying". Castle fight Style Map aos I...
  10. Rubellu Sidus

    [Campaign] Castle's Graveyard

    Hello, I am planning to make a Campaign based on a game I played. The Mission about is the sixth (the only one I made so far). I was wondering if anyone can check (play) the map and tell me if the enviroment is good, the cinematics, the doodads and stuff. And tell me what I need to improve...
  11. UmbraUnda

    REQUEST: Keep/Castle/Stronghold

    I'm requesting a Keep/Castle/Stronghold model with upgrade-able tiers in @Mike 's building style. This is for an Age of Empires-ish map I'm working on. What I want looks like the Age of Empires "Castle" in the celtic or german style. Here are some image links...