REQUEST: Keep/Castle/Stronghold

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Mar 31, 2016
I'm requesting a Keep/Castle/Stronghold model with upgrade-able tiers in @Mike 's building style. This is for an Age of Empires-ish map I'm working on.

What I want looks like the Age of Empires "Castle" in the celtic or german style. Here are some image links.


I'm using @Mike 's medieval buildings which are fantastic. Problem is I feel he missed a few buildings that are important to have in a castle builder: Warehouse/Storage, Keep/Castle/Stronghold, and a few buildings to add onto a mine. I've already made the Warehouse/Storage as a simple edit with @Mike 's permission along with the mine attachments. However, the Keep is a tougher model edit plus I don't know how to animate yet, so I'm making this request.

The Castle should look very similar to the inspiration images and have 3 tiers.

Also maybe if we get permission, the building can be a mashup of already existing castle models reskinned to look like @Mike 's buildings style.

Hopefully @Mike is willing to take this request, however he's been pretty busy. If someone else can take the request, that'd be great.
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