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  1. Wh-Buildings.png


    Finally done with the pack.. only icons are missing but the models are complete.
  2. Galendor an'Kreil

    [HD/Modeling] Horn of Cenarius & Shipyard

    Greetings! I'm in need of some simple edits that cannot be made properly by myself with my limited knowlege of RMS. 1. Model buildings\other\HornOfCenarius\HornOfCenarius: replace the horn itself with the glaive of units\creeps\watcher\watcher. Add Death animation to the model because it hasn't...
  3. Cheshire

    [Solved] Can't get selection circle to appear on the water

    Hey, In my map I have some aquatic buildings. I can't get the selection circle to sit on the surface of the water. it is stuck to the sea bed. Setting "shows selection circle on water" to true did nothing, same goes for setting selection circle height. the selection circle is stuck to the sea...
  4. Ohmvoid

    [SD/Modeling] LOTR Dwarven models

    Hello lovely comunity, for our lotr map we'd need models for the dwarves, ( buildings mainly) i can put link for bfme2 buildings pics so u may have an idea of what we're looking for : Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven: Dwarven Buildings idk what it would take, in terms of money but we can...
  5. Crusad3r91

    [Solved] Building is not created on specified point

    Greetings everyone, I've been attempting to create a trigger that, essentially, searches the map for specific markers (based on Circle of Power) on initialization and then forms a base around them. It works fairly well, all things considered, but the problem lies in how buildings are placed...
  6. Verdun

    Project: "Broodcraft - Metamorphoses"

    You know, whether or not I actually finish this, I think I want to share a few previews. Unlike many other projects I want this one to be fairly compact, ideally just a short campaign without a big convoluted story, trying out a few city- and army building mechanics.
  7. Voljin

    Night Elf Ruins

    Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am building a map based on Blizzard's Azshara zone in WOW and also one of Darnassus and I've noticed that there aren't really any Night Elf buildings in the hive to use. There are a lot of modern NE buildings like ancients and...
  8. Mandriel

    Add Building animation?

    How do I add a building animation to a building that doesn't have it? Adding the undead construction animation to the Demon Gate for example. I have the Model Editior installed if that helps.
  9. FlameofChange

    Historical Units/buildings list

    Here we go. I'm making a AoE like map and i would like some specific models. If not specified, i would like team-color and proper death animation (by proper i mean at least existing) using if possible Vanilla textures. I don't want very realistic nor from-scratch animations (i precise sometime...
  10. BrazilEmperor

    Night Elf Buildings Links

    Someone known where i can find NE buildings? not Ancients/Ents/Trees, Just a pack of night elfs buildings, with Town Hall,Barracks, Tower, Shipyards,etc. Thanks and sry for my bad english.
  11. Mistablockout

    [Solved] How do I use various building animations?

    Hello everybody, I'm having a bit of trouble. If we're to put my skill with WE on a scale of 1-10, I'd be a 2 or 3. What I need help with is changing the animation of Mike's houses: Houses Each of the tiers is a different animation (each with its own birth and death animation, too) and the...
  12. carcanosc

    [Spell] flame effect around buildings

    Hello I want to put the effect flame (sequence video which we can to find in the complements palette) as this video from a youtuber who don't reply comments and don't tell us how he does. These are the links I also want to know how I have to put the effect on buildings Besides I want to...
  13. Cuore

    WIP troll town hall

    Here's a few WIP pics of basic, untextured static meshes for three tiers of a town hall for the troll race, made in adherence to concept pictures made some years ago by the user @HandCLAW, that unfortunately have seen no follow-up resulting in a model development by the author. I share with you...
  14. Dalaran Entrance

    Dalaran Entrance

    Developing Dalaran-themed Fortifications
  15. Mr.Rious

    Any Dwarf building?

    Hello. I'm looking for Dwarfs buildings, that I wanna use in my campagin. Any ideas?
  16. Tagar

    modelers and iconers needed

    hello modelers and iconers of the hive a iam writing here to request some models/icons A primitive catapult drived by two quillboars and a orc vercion, based on the murloc catapult of the nirvana mod a quillboar chieftain like this one (it should have the tauren chieftain animations but need...
  17. Revan014

    How big is too big?

    Heyo, a new map I am working on features enlarged vanilla buildings. The human ones look fine but some of the others are either too big or too small. Right now they are all scaled to around 2.00 of the original size. Any help?