[HD/Modeling] Horn of Cenarius & Shipyard

Level 10
Jun 12, 2012
Greetings! I'm in need of some simple edits that cannot be made properly by myself with my limited knowlege of RMS.

1. Model buildings\other\HornOfCenarius\HornOfCenarius: replace the horn itself with the glaive of units\creeps\watcher\watcher. Add Death animation to the model because it hasn't it now. Stand animation shouldn't have a glow around horn/glaive - it should appear only in Stand Work animation.

2. Model buildings\NightElf\NightElfShipyard\NightElfShipyard: remove the boat and fill the resulting empty space with a wooden floor. Add a staircase leading from the entrance to ground level and just below. If possible, add some stuff like treasure chests, little crystal shards and scrolls/vials/bags form units\nightelf\Runner\Runner around the entrance (this building suppose to be a merchant shop).

3. I edited obelisk model a bit in order to make Wardens' defensive structure, but (shame on me!) didn't understand principles of working with visibility of added parts in RMS so will be thankful for helping with it.

P.S. Is it possible to add proper night elven birth animation to the 1st and 3rd model?


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