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  1. Bloodseeker for Dota map

    Bloodseeker for Dota map

    Model by Direfury: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/geist.292662/ Skeleton Archer skin used for Bloodseeker's mask: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/bone-fletcher-skeleton-burning-archer-dota.340612/
  2. Captain_Teemo

    [HD/Modeling] Looking for a Rho Aias Model

    Hello, I'm looking for a Rho Aias Model from Fate/Stay Night for the character (Archer) [Servant Nameless] these used to exist on one of the other Wc3 Sites but many have been deleted or made private thus getting them is much harder to do quickly. If anyone can hook me up with either a...
  3. Skythian Archer

    Skythian Archer

  4. Female Centaur Archer

    Female Centaur Archer

  5. Ranger General and her warriors

    Ranger General and her warriors

    Sylvanas Windrunner before the third war
  6. hbxycjx

    [HD/Modeling] Straight Back NE Archer Model Requested

    There are currently straight back versions of BE archer and ranger on forums and they look pretty nice. Pity I never find one of NE archer. I tried to duplicate the animations of BE archer to NE archer model, but the game just cannot load it normally. So I think I’ve got no alternatives but to...
  7. Heavy Archer (Elf And Human Variant) Close-Up

    Heavy Archer (Elf And Human Variant) Close-Up

    See the difference?
  8. Retera

    Reforged Beta Build 13680 Asset Preservation Question

    It was brought to my attention by the discord user IQUEEN that somewhere in a Reforged Beta Build last fall (we think it was Beta Build 13680) the Night Elf Archer was animated to be "upright standing" and then within a week a patch changed the Night Elf Archer to be hunched over. I was...
  9. BogdanKry

    Crossbowman Human 1

    Does somebody can make a normal talking portreit for this model because it is disgusting. (Textures\Footman.blp it is important i think)
  10. Thiiago

    Archer in Watcher, simple UV-maps

    I just need an "Night Elf Watcher" model, with the "Night Elf Archer" revisted with texture or skin :/ ps: dont worry with helmet I'll remove it later.. I just need help with the "UV-maps" because i dont know how use her correct. Can help-me please?
  11. stein123

    Forsaken Bat Rider archer

    Hello hivers, i would like to make a request, i'm using the dark elf bat rider from the Hearth of Storms model pack from here: Projects of old, gather ye' resources... [Mod Compendium] , as a forsaken flying unit for an altered melee map, i made a little modifications so it resembles more a...
  12. BrothForMyPeople

    Hippogryph Rider

    Hi I need model as the thread's name says, but on foot. You will say it's just base Night Elf Archer unit, but it's not. If you look closer, Hippogryph Riders units wear long skirt, which look cool and elite. If someone had time and mood to make such a model, it would be surely very useful, not...
  13. ArcherV.2


    For the most spammed unit in the techtree is a bit of too much work. Bow and arrow were copied, reversed and pasted to hide the errors in the skins. The Bowstring tooks from the Ballista skin, the Newer hair cames fron the Kail Portrait, it only needs the kneepads and maybe something on the forehead
  14. _Guhun_

    Model/Skin Request: Ranged Unit

    Hey guys. I looked around for one, but could not find it at all =/ Can anyone point me to a model that is a human ranged unit that has a similar color scheme and armor style to this? Black Legion Priest If you don't know any model like this, but want to make one, that would be greatly...