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WH: Eternal Strife. Melee [LMTD]

  • Nightmare2077


    Apr 5, 2011
    Warhammer: Eternal Strife. Melee Map - limited version
    By Nightmare
    >>>Main Version<<<


    <<Update to 1.27b here and forget all about the horrific 8mb limit>>>

    Map Info:
    This is a limited 7mb version of an Altered Melee map based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe. The purpose of uploading this reduced-size version was to make the map playable in multiplayer (it was imposible to host maps that weigh above 8mb before December 2016). Alternatively, consider using this tool or updating your Warcraft III.
    A 4-player map features 10 unique, fully-developed playable races: Skaven, Lizardmen, High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos, Orcs&Goblins, Dark Elves, Beasts of Chaos and Wood Elves. All 4 original Warcraft III races are intact and are also playable. Gameplay is identical to the main version. All changes are cosmetic only.

    See all the necessary information about this Altered Melee in the Main Version thread.

    Removed resources:
    SKV: Night Runner, Eshin Assassin, Skryre Engeneer, Gutter Runner
    HEL: -
    LIZ: Saurus Warrior, Saurus Veteran, Ancient Stegadon, Stegadon, LIZ townhall x3, Totem of the OO, Ziggurat of Quetzl, Totem of Itzl, Cold One Rider
    EMP: General of the Empire, EMP farm, Marketplace
    WOC: Chieftain of Nurgle, Champion of Khorne, Chaos Warrior (x5), Marauder Rider
    DWR: Master Engeneer, Runelord, Armour Runesmith, Tavern, Dragon Slayer
    ORC: Blackorc, Shiny Stuff, Goblin Shaman, Savage Orc, Wyvern Warboss
    DEL: Frost Sorcerres, Dark Sorceres, Supreme Sorceress, Fleetmaster, Darkshards/Shade
    BOC: Khorngor
    WEL: Wood Elf Hall, Craftsmen Hall

    Change Log:
    Change Log

    Released Wood Elves. Beasts of Chaos now have specialisations. Misc tweaks and fixed.

    Released Beasts of Chaos. Dark Elves now have specialisations. Misc tweaks and fixed.

    Fixed a weird bug with DEL's Storage's being upgradeable into creeps.

    Limited version released

    Key: Already Mentioned, More than 1 resource used.

    Icons: Blizzard Entertainment, Static, DiscipleOfLife, Darkfang, Hellx-Magnus, Mr.Goblin, PeeKay, The_Silent, Huinipachutli, Stanakin, kola, oh_snap, bigapple90, CRAZYRUSSIAN

    Effects/missiles: Infrisios, JetFangInferno, Ergius, JesusHipster, Daelin, Thrikodius, UgoUgo, CreatorD3292, gookywooky, TheWhiteWolf, Champara Bros, Kuhneghetz, Frankster, Callahan, cotd333

    MODELS SKV: Mephestrial, Kimberly, Kimbo, The Weird Human, Cavman
    MODELS LIZ: Misha, Ujimasa Hojo, AndrewOverload519, MasterHaosis, -Grendel, Doom Wolf, Kehel, olofmoleman
    MODELS HEL: Elenai
    MODELS WOC: Horn, Kuhneghetz, rankster
    MODELS EMP: Kitabatake, Kuhneghetz, Wandering Soul, Tranquil, paulH, Frankster, CRIS, HappyTauren, Ujimasa Hojo
    MODELS DWR: wingednosering, takakenji, Frankster, Tranquil, Amaruak, Urkdrengi, TurieL, Ujimasa Hojo, Mechanical Man
    MODELS ORC: Ujimasa Hojo, Em!, Urkdrengi, Kuhneghetz, eubz, Tauer, Cavman
    MODELS DEL: A Void, Tranquil, Tarrasque, Sin'dorei300, Forsaken, Sunchips, Miseracord
    MODELS BOC: WyrWuulfe, Sin'dorei300

    Special Thanks:
    Special Thanks

    • Blizzard for the awesome Warcraft III game
    • Games Workshop writers for creating the great Warhammer Fantasy universe
    • All my friends who helped me beta-test
    • Most importantly, this very website HiveWorkshop. Would've been nowhere without it.

    Thanks and have fun everyone!

    Attached Files: