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Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
Instagram: @travistsax
Current bands I'm playing sax/keys/backup vocals in:
  • CozyCats - Funk/Soul/Groove covers from the 70s-20s. Our singer is from Japan and she's fucking amazing! This group is finally getting off the ground and it looks like we've got a mild following around us. Instagram - Facebook

  • The Social Contractors - Progressive/Alternative Socially-Conscious Rock, playing original music by the band's guitarist and singer. Here's his soundcloud page, though technically I'm not in any of those recordings because they're from before I joined the band.

  • Blue Seven Jazz Band - Me and 6 old fellas aged like 55-75 play jazz standards together. I teach them about jazz, which is ironic because they were actually alive during the heyday and I wasn't. No viable recordings exist because they're just standards and honestly they're (mostly) pretty meh musicians. Jazz harmonica is wild, though.

  • Friend of a friend brought us both in to play sax for her sort of contemporary-pop/hip-hop project that's just getting off the ground. No posts from her main account but there are two videos of what we're doing on the studio's page: vid 1, vid 2.

  • I've been co-opted into a local dad reggae band and a dirty blues band by a guy who saw the first two bands on this list play and decided he wanted to hit me up. Not sure where those are going yet, only played a couple times.

Older musical projects:
  • Quiet Quasar- Three-piece group of ukulele, guitar, keys/sax/bass-but-on-the-keyboard where we all sing harmony together. One of these fellas moved to LA for a while and the other has to have surgery to fix his guitar arm, so this group is currently out of commission. Mostly having fun with originals, though the recording from our last show is more covers.
    Travis Piano is an original classical minimalist composition of mine. (Check out the girl watching me lmao!)

  • Trip City Lights - Funk jam band that imploded because the drummer/bassist were married and then got divorced LOL. They were all super fun, fantastic musicians who could jam and groove to anything. 100% originals, of which there are 3 on the soundcloud. I have a whole drive full of our jams and recordings as well as dozens of tunes but that's a lot to share.

  • Bathala - LA Reggae band I fell out of touch with and haven't kept tabs on. We were playing originals by the front man, and the group composition was really cool: alto sax, trombone, guitar, keys, drums, acoustic bass, and vibraphone! Only recording I have is the second half of this.
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