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Legacy of Prometheus Project Showcase

Level 6
Jan 28, 2018
Will be released in Map Development in June.

A Campaign Series made by Cassandra Jones
The universe of Prometheus is at war, with various planets being Upplysningen and one of the same name being the center theme.
Command Aisleen, one of the female generals of the Court, and her eccentric allies to defend the sovereignty and offer refuge to people in troubled times.
Take control of Cassandra to find out the truth behind the hammer “Mortis”, and decide his own destiny as the best prodigy in Prometheus.
Fulfill the plans of the young Tamayil, the heir to the tribe of Testare to maintain the balance of Prometheus. Only under proper leadership can it help the entire continent of Amelia in peace.
Join the ruthless Ingefara and withstand your enemies, both inside and out, and face the horrifying foes. Be willing to walk the path of victory, at all costs.
Walk the path of the pirate mercenary Vasilca and unleash the might of Pirate Baronies to destroy your extraterrestrial enemies. None shall withstand the wrath of the Destroyer under the flag of Upplysningen’s Republic.

The time has come to make your choice, though there’s only one result in the end...

- Three major factions and many other ones
Take control of one of the three major factions, the proud Empire of Upplysningen, the numerous and resourceful Testare Confederation, the unified and resilient Amelia, and face other struggles that await you.
- New units
Command completely new units with new upgrades and abilities, as well as many demi-heroes throughout the campaign.
- Decide the fate of Prometheus universe
At some points of the campaign, you'll have the opportunity to decide things, that affect the storyline, characters and sometimes even the chapters you play or how you have to play them. By doing or, not doing certain side quests, you can also affect the campaign.
- Universal hotkeys
All abilities, units and buildings use QWER hotkeys.
- Bonus chapters & upgradeable traits
Play the sandbox mode in each act and earn points to upgrade your main hero and others throughout the campaign, and get to know the backstory that isn’t covered in the main storyline.

Prologue - In Development
Chapter 1 - Playable
Chapter 2 - Playable
Chapter 3 - Playable
Interlude 1 - In Development
Chapter 4 - Playable
Chapter 5A - Playable
Chapter 5B - Playable
Bonus Chapter - Playable
Interlude 2 - In Development
Chapter 6 Part 1 - Playable
Chapter 6 Part 2 - Playable/crashes in lategame
Interlude 3 - In Development
Final Chapter A - Playable
Final Chapter B - Playable
Epilogue - In Development
Extras: Hegemony Mode - In Development
Prologue - In Development
Chapter 1 - Playable
Chapter 2 Part 1 - Playable
Chapter 2 Part 2 - Playable
Interlude 1 - Playable
Chapter 3 - Playable
Chapter 4 Part 1 - Playable
Chapter 4 Part 2 - Playable
Interlude 2 - Playable
Chapter 5 Part 1 - Playable
Chapter 5 Part 2 - Playable
Chapter 6 Part 1 - Playable
Chapter 6 Part 2 - Playable
Bonus Chapter - Playable
Interlude 3 - Playable
Chapter 7 Part 1 - In Development
Chapter 7 Part 2 - Playable
Final Chapter A - In Development
Final Chapter B - Playable
Epilogue - In Development
Extras: Battle Arena - In Development

- Add music for all maps

Download link for v0.4 beta

Not finalized

Blizzard Entertainment
Two Steps from Hell
Aaron Keugh
Joel Nielsen

Campaign Preview Screen, Campaign Logo and everything else made by:
Cassandra Jones

Please contact me via PM if I forgot to give you credit for your resource!

Special Credits
To Turnro, Shar Dundred and RazorclawX, as well as others whose great campaigns inspired me to revive this old project.
To all who supported this project, reported bugs and gave constructive feedback both during the development!
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