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How to play Beyond the Dark Portal Campaign in WC3 Classic

Level 2
May 23, 2022
1. Download Helldoom's Beyond the dark Portal Campaign:
Beyond the Dark Portal Human Campaign
Beyond the Dark Portal Orc campaign
2. Download the tool MapAdapter, MPQ editor and List files for MPQ:
Map Adapter
MPQ editor
List Files
3. In the link of Map Adapter download the version 1.1.6 and appsettings.json.
4. Extract the zip and move appsettings where you extracted Map Adapter zip.
5. Extract ladiks mpq editor, create a folder for the listfiles and extract the listfiles zip in the created folder.
6. Using ladiks mpq editor:
a) open war3.mpq and extract.
b) open war3x.mpq and extract in the same folder, click on replace all.
c) open war3xlocal.mpq and extrack in the same folder, replace all.
d) open war3patch.mpq and extrack in the same folder, replace all.
7. Go to Map adapter folder and edit appsettings.json:
a) The patch must be one of the following: War3Net/GamePatch.cs at master · Drake53/War3Net
b) The GameDatapath must be the folder where you extracted with MPQeditor.
8. Open Map adapter, open the campaign file, adapt all, save the adapted campaign.
9. Open the adapted campaign and extract all the map files.
10. Download LunarIPS and the ips patchs for the campaings.
Lunar IPS
11. Extract the zips and patch each map clickin in each ips file and selecting the extracted map (the intro doesn't need to patch).
12. Once you finished to patching the maps, open the adapted Campaign file and replace the maps with the extracted ones.


  • HumanBtDP patch for classic.zip
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  • OrcsBtDP patch for classic.zip
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