A croquis of the massive, central area in my fantasy version of Hell. It will serve me as basis for future scenery artworks.
@deepstrasz ya keep forgetting that I mentioned the layout of hell partly based on the divine comedy. I've been reading some more scary stuff to give me ideas.

For example, in the DC the city of Dis is only home for the heretics, and (curiously) has gorgons among its wall defenders; also, it's surrounded by the river Styx, not the Phlegethon which comes a couple of circles further... BUT I've already come up with a proper backstory for it :D

@xISLx I was about to make them bigass serpents, titanic in size yes, but I've decided to make them similar (in a way) to the nagas from diablo and warcraft: that is....

Snake Head (i.e. cobra)
Humanoid torso with 6-8 limbs (scaly)
Snake lower body.

Side ways, they'll look very serpentine like.

Here's a WIP for King Mammon of Greed:


Once I'm done with it. I'll make another of him and Xemphos kneeling in front of him (that should give people an idea of how huge in size the serpent is :D)
@deepstrasz Gahh dude, my character and his story are not based in Berserk -_- I only found out about that manga/anime back in early 2018 through a comment in one of my drawings and YT, and recently saw three movies back in december.

But shiiiiiiet I can see how my snake demon is gonna draw parallels with this one.
@Hazop Sometimes I think I would find the world of Warhammer very appealing.

I know every little about it except that it's a tabletop game (or was originally since it expanded to RTS videogames) featuring armored badasses everywhere... and that there are two timelines or time periods.

What's the recommended game or comic or story to get into it?
@ZethHolyblade Well then, it depends what Warhammer ye want! IF you want 40k then the original Dawn of War's are best like Dark Crusade. If you'd prefer FPS than 40k Space Marine is perfect for hacking and slashing filthy orkz. IF you want Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Warhammer Age of Sigmar* is gei) then the Warhammer Total Wars or Warhammer Mark of Chaos would do. If you want a hack and slash Warhammer Fantasy Battle (during the End Times) then Vermintide I and Vermintide II are perfect!

*Age of Sigmar is Fantasy Battle 2.0 (Fantasy Battle experienced the End Times which lead to Age of Sigmar) isn't really seen as good as Games Workshop murdered a bunch of characters and tied a bunch of stories poorly. I wouldn't recommend it. (This is also why its sometimes called Age of Shitmar)

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