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Catherine from Vainglory model WIP
Idaero Ace

Catherine from Vainglory model WIP

Making a chibi version, planned to make a map with this style. Looks a bit too complex imo, i will try to make it more simple next time.
Made on 3dsmax, texture made on Blender
Making base chibi model (the naked model) - 1 hour
Make it looks like Catherine (add sword, cloth, hat, hair) - 1.5 hour
First attempt to unwrap UVW - 2 hours
Paint it a bit until realized my unwrap suck - 30 minutes
Delete previous UV and tweak the model a bit (add that back dress, fusioning the sword and shield) - 1 hours
Second attempt to unwrap UVW - 1 hours
Painting - 1 hour

Realized that my unwrap suck and need to redo it again.
Wow, nicely done. I guess this is a lowpoly one. Keep it up, dude.
@eubz Thank you. Yes its low poly, planned to make it for my map. Currently the wxpoetwd mdx is around 25kb
Also, wow eubz! Its been long time! I remember you are one of user who helped me with my map back in 2013 :)
@deepstrasz lol XD oh come one, i wont do such thing Xd

Actually i did a thing called "retopo" based from final fantasy 3 model. Not purely retopo though, mostly used as reference for head also her azz and boobz. Then decided to use the-regressor 's model as ref. then decided to recreate it again. so it can be called copy too o_O
(for the base naked bald model)
@deepstrasz hey, because you are the first one who give it a 5 stars rate, and because i havent do your deawing request, how about you tell me what model i should do next? I will only make a humanoid with current style though.
Kinda not in mood to do animation (especially set up skinning and those IK-FK thing), so once i finished make proper hand and re-unwrap it again, i can make what you request :D

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