1. BrothForMyPeople

    WoW model viewer V0.5.09

    Does someone have this version? I need it for WotLK Alpha.
  2. sabacdave


  3. Nazujin

    [SD/Modeling] Simple Fix Animation

    Could someone please fix the attack animations of this model? they look fine at Model editor, but for some reason the model just disappear ingame. for the Attack and Attack -2 animations, the rest works perfectly.
  4. lainiwakura

    How To Install Model Mods???? (Reforged)

    anyone know how to install unit model mods for WC3 Reforged???? (or mods in general).
  5. Dracarus

    [SD/Modeling] Put two models in a single .mdx

    I'm modifying my Warcraft 3 models trying to make the game look better while preserving the graphic style. Johnwar is making some beautiful models but the Troll Headhunter and the Troll Berserker should be in one .mdx file and I don't know how to do it, can someone do it please...
  6. Lordul Dracula

    [SD/Modeling] Penguin mage/shaman model for a basic unit

    Hello everyone can please somebody help me with a mage/shaman penguin basic unit model? I need this model for my race. It can be even just a basic edit all i need at least is a penguin with a hat and a staff that have at least 1 attack and a death animatio. Pls
  7. TheJassy

    [Import] Imported Models showing up with no color

    Hello, I recently downloaded a Model and it appears white / Purpleish, Any ideas how to make it work? :ogre_haosis:
  8. LordMarrowgar.PNG


    Simple model edit of Lord Marrowgar old school style.
  9. dell

    [SD/Modeling] Change the sword from one model to another

    Hello, I have a request. I want you to transfer the sword from the seth orsin model to the arthas model and delete the frost sword. to make it work well with animations.
  10. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] Arcanists Pyromancers Cryomancers for humans and elves

    hello i need units and spells effects missiles and buffs models that embody the specializeion of fire ,ice and arcane spells like in WOW for humans and elves pleass help🙏 and by awsome
  11. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and blood/high elves

    hello i request models of heros and units for humans and elves to fill more roles in the roster like say pyromancer arcaniestand hydromancer plus spell buffs and effects for the blood/high elves and for the humans not just kul tiras thankes in advance
  12. NikWal

    [SD/Modeling] Good afternoon, can someone recreate the model of the hero arcana from DotA 2 "Wraith King" The Skeleton King. I'll be very thankful! ;))

    I was looking for this model of the skeleton king everywhere, I'm talking about the one in the attached video, but I realized that unfortunately I can't get it anywhere, and decided to try to ask for help from people from a wonderful forum. I hope that someone will respond to my request, I will...
  13. NikWal

    Hello everyone, please help. Does anyone know where to download this model of the Skeleton King?

    ( )Hello everyone, please help. Does anyone know where to get this Leoric model. Needed for a map. I have never seen anything like it. Does anyone know where it can be downloaded? Have a nice day and good luck everyone.
  14. Dragonus Skywrath Mage (Dota map)

    Dragonus Skywrath Mage (Dota map)

    Dragonus Skywrath Mage model (rejected) for Dota map with some retextures. Original Winged Guardian by Sliph-M can be found here:
  15. DaniilMorphes

    [SD/Modeling] St. Basil 's Cathedral

    Good evening. I want to ask you to make a model of St. Basil's Cathedral, which is located in Moscow. I need it for the map. I can pay for services. Help me out, friends.
  16. Omniknight for my Dota map

    Omniknight for my Dota map

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo can be found here: Repainted Arthas hair by me :))) Icon can be found here:
  17. Bloodseeker for Dota map

    Bloodseeker for Dota map

    Model by Direfury: Skeleton Archer skin used for Bloodseeker's mask:
  18. Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo: Acolyte skin by Bumhunter: Zombie skin from here:
  19. Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Based on Black_stan's Pandaren skin: I do not have permission to share this skin, sorry... But you can find icon for it here:
  20. Centaur for Dota map

    Centaur for Dota map

    Centaur model by Rhapsodie: "Lycanthrope Kil'jaeden" skin can be found here:
  21. Blahblah_Blagar

    [SD/Modeling] BETA Brewmaster model?

    Anyone knows where I could get it? link is dead
  22. Samizo

    Is it possible to swap models and/or use skins on Reforged?

    I remember I used to play with a bunch of custom skins and models for my hero's before the game got updated to reforged which I did by swapping out .mdx files (ex I'd rename my new model that I wanted to use HeroMountainKing or something similar) and such. Is doing this still possible? I've...
  23. HinoRei

    [SD/Modeling] please help me fix this model

    Hello everyone, I am making a campaign, but this model cannot be displayed in the campaign, it can only be displayed in the map. please help me fix it.
  24. Patisaur

    [SD/Modeling] Master Yi Model Request

    Need a model of Master Yi (from league of legends) need it based on the blademaster model, need it to be wc3 style, the models ripped from the game doesn't fit the style of my map. Here is a reference image:
  25. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  26. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] Unable to add special effects of any sort to a custom model?

    Hi everyone, I'm making a map with a lot of custom heroes in it, and I found a model I absolutely love (Direfury's Gnome Arcanist - link below) but I'm having some difficulty with it; added effects such as hero's glow or effects from other characters' buffs don't show up on the model. I'm not...
  27. TheRedneckRebel

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request: Flesh Giant (WoW)

    I would like to request a port or reforged edition of the Flesh Giant from World of Warcraft. I am an absolute fan of the scourge and the blood elves. That being said if somebody could help make said model for me I would greatly appreciate it.
  28. TheRedneckRebel

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request: Spellbreaker Without Mask

    I need a model of the spellbreaker without the mask on his face for my Silvermoon Guardian Unit. Basically a spellbreaker without the mask like in WoW
  29. Joseph6428

    Adding equipment/object to a wc3 model

    I've been using reteras model editing tool for some time now and I'm very new to model editing. Im looking to learn how I can transfer a weapon or armor from one model to another and attach it and save it as a new model.... For example adding a grunts shoulder pad to a peon. Any advise or...
  30. Update_CrusaderUnitFootman_ForPack


  31. SauceTown

    East way to combine models into a single model?

    Is there a way to combine models? Say a level one tower has 1 unit but then i want a level 2 tower to have 2 of the same units together acting as a single unit. I've messed around with it in War3 but the duplicated part doesn't actually show in game and it messes up the model. Has anyone had...
  32. conq01

    Texture problem on replaced units

    Hello, i try to replace orc units with hd reforged models from this site and the only way i found to get this to work is with quenching mod. maybe there is a easier way, i don't know. So i replaced grunt and the blademaster hero but the textures do not work. Someone have a clue? models used...
  33. RedKiwi

    [SD/Modeling] Tax Collector model

    Hey guys, I’m working on a project where I need a model for a tax collector. If you know of any already existing models and could post a link in this thread, or would like to make one, I would greatly appreciate it. Pictures for reference
  34. CrusaderPackForXGM


  35. carlmb1

    [SD/Modeling] Ogre and tauren Model request

    Hello guys! I am in need of the following models for my campaign: Ogre direhorn rider Ogre dragon rider Female ogre magi unit Female ogre magi hero Tauren kodo rider Tauren wyvern rider Will give rep or willing to donate via paypal. Thank you in advance.
  36. master Gul'dan

    [SD/Modeling] Fix a model

    I don't know why these models don't work in game, please fix them.
  37. Kishikume

    New here - Need help on how to swap a model

    I would like to know how to swap the Lord Garithos model in the gamefiles with this custom model: To play this version of the Legion Commander in the DotA map. If as well, anybody can help me on how to swap the...
  38. johnwar

    Johnwar's Models Discussion

    Johnwar's Models Discussion Author's Notes: This is the official discussion thread for my models. You can share your ideas for a model here, but I can't guarantee that I'm going to do them. I'm also going to share what models I'm currently working on here. Sometimes my Re-Classic models is...
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    Start 08.04.2021
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    Start 08.04.2021 1:10
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    Start 08.02.2021 0:58 P.S You can help your advice me in the comments.
  45. CustomCreations

    [HD/Modeling] Denathrius model

    Hello, im New here and I need help with a reforged model for sire denathrius from the last wow expansion, hope u guys can help me out, I will let a picture here as well, thx in advance. Much love.
  46. bear_369

    [Solved] Custom model glitching.

    So I'm trying to make wall models using Blender(2.83), exporting them through the forked Fingolfin's MDL Exporter plugin. I don't often encounter problems with my other models but this one does. The model's gate face began glitching out and sticking to other doodads in-game. Despite it was...
  47. Vidar

    [SD/Modeling] Queen Azshara

    Hey! So, I need a model for Queen Azshara before she became a Naga. I found one that worked, but it stopped working for some reason. If anyone can create a of Highborne Azshara, I would appreciate it loads! Plus, I think this is just something that would be really useful for anyone making maps...
  48. Zedacus

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request from Ocarina of Time

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a unique model but can't seem to find it anywhere. If any Zelda fan modelers are still around, I'm sure this would be a fun project. And I feel like a lot of people would love to have this crazy mini boss in their maps as well. If I'm just blind, please direct me to...
  49. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  50. Cherrymage

    Model cannot be uploaded?

    Earlier today, I tried to upload a model but for some reason, the site does not recognize the file chosen. No error messages, just... nothing happened. However, I could preview descriptions and upload preview screenshots just fine earlier (while still not being able to upload models). Is there...