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  1. BC-ArchNecromancerV1.GIF


    I'm updating my pack of black cult magicians. I will release a new pack soon :)
  2. Bandit-AmbalV1.1.GIF


    I'm making a pack of Classic Bandits :)
  3. Weigazod

    [General] Dragon creep pack?

    So my problem: I am looking for dragon models for neutral dragon creeps for my melee map. Conditions for the model are they must have a bit more accessories (more elaborated horns, some fancy wings, etc.) so that people could look at it and instinctively know it is a dragon creep stronger than...
  4. FullPack-SwampMonsters


    Pack download link:https://vk.com/wall-161186048_9345
  5. MaMaD

    I am looking for Wesker model

    Hi, if anyone has Albert Wesker, please put a link to it in this post It is better than the S.T.A.R.S If anyone knows it:D
  6. SwampHorribleSlime.GIF


  7. SwampSlime.GIF


    My version WoW slime
  8. BlackCult-NecromancerALTV3-4.GIF


    Updated old model by "stein123"
  9. BlackCult-NecromancerV3-4.GIF


    Updated old model by "stein123"
  10. Timoren

    [SD/Modeling] Request for a Heroic Gargoyle

    Hello, I need an undead stone gargoyle heroified for my project. Whether it gets pieces of armour, runic etchings on it or other modifications doesn't matter too much - I leave it to the artist. I have not found anything like that existing so if someone would like to tackle it, I'd be grateful...
  11. Heretics


  12. AcolyteHereticAV2.GIF


    New Heretic Concept
  13. AcolyteHereticV2.GIF


    New Heretic Concept
  14. BlackCult-Lich.GIF


    I took it from this pack as a basis: https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/Pak-Lich-i-ego-variatsii-xas
  15. Wraiths


    These souls witnessed the destruction of their kingdom. They embodied themselves in ugly forms, wanting one thing - to destroy all living things. Fact : There are torture wheels around the wraiths' necks, which symbolize their eternal suffering.
  16. It will eat your souls

    It will eat your souls

    Portrait of a nasty creature
  17. Raised Soldier

    Raised Soldier

    These warriors served their queen during her lifetime. After death, little changed ... except that they became disgusting and terrible parodies of themselves ...
  18. Someone lost their jaw...

    Someone lost their jaw...

  19. ZombieSlave


    A worker of the undead who mainly mines gold. Raised by necromancers
  20. SpoookySpookyZombie


    Time for more nasty undead))
  21. BlackCult-HorseNecromancerALTV4.GIF


    The model has an alternative version with another staff. The old "stein123" model I updated under myself.
  22. BlackCult-HorseNecromancerV3.GIF


    The model has an alternative version with another staff. The old "stein123" model I updated under myself.
  23. BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionV2

    BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionV2

    The picture quality has been improved with the help of AI
  24. BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionALTV2

    BlackCult-Priest of CorruptionALTV2

    The picture quality has been improved with the help of AI
  25. 2BlackCult-ForsakenV2.png


    My work
  26. 1BlackCult-ForsakenV2.png


    My work
  27. NewZombie


  28. 3BlackCult-ForsakenALTV2.png


    My work
  29. 2BlackCult-ForsakenALTV2.png


    My work
  30. Battle Priest

    Battle Priest

    Author model: Ilya Alaric
  31. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] classic verstion of an HD model

    hello can some one pleass make a classic verstion of this model : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-elf-warlock.349220/ with animations of this model plrass and thank you : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wc3-alpha-mage-priest.299296/
  32. PerPlumeShake

    Mdlvis - Access Violation

    Hello, anyone can fix this problem? i was opening these two models and they have the what so called "Access Violation" when i'm opening their sequence, can any of you guys know how to fix this? I'll give the model if necessary. thanks in advance
  33. New Dark Magician.png

    New Dark Magician.png

    Author model: Jiok
  34. Abelhawk

    [SD/Modeling] Mushroom treants

    I saw Furion cast Force of Nature on some mushrooms underground, and it just looked weird to see them turn into leafy treants. I'm looking for simple (i.e., classic not Reforged) models for red mushroom treant and blue mushroom treant units. I guess it may not even need a new model depending on...
  35. Custom Campaign Screen

    Custom Campaign Screen

    The model itself is a mess, becuase I can barely use Retera's Model Studio. The campaign will never get made because I don't care about making it anymore. I could probably release a couple of missions in the state they are as a random mission pack User "A Void" takes the credit for the ghoul model
  36. Kikinsin

    Could not load file, lost alot of progress

    Hello, I was working in my map and wanted to look another map for trigger and upgrade references, but when I went back to my map I got this. All the models where working fine, I recently added a model with the icon and it worked, but know like 90% of the models are in green box. Is there a way...
  37. deepstrasz

    [SD/Modeling] TfT Illidan in Black Dragon style?

    Hey, I need a variant of the Frozen Throne Illidan and its Metamorphosis form to look more like a black dragon, still night elf though (no dragon head or limbs; just maybe a bit scaly and horny). If making a new model would be too much effort, an edit of @Ujimasa Hojo's View in 3D (from Demon...
  38. Super Mario

    [SD/Modeling] Recreating HOMEWORLD 2 in WC3 - Request for simple Model Creation of boxy Spaceships

    I am about to create a Homeworld 2 map and want it to be as close to the original game as possible, excludig the 3D-space battles. As I will never get the permission to use the original models, so I'm looking for a model creator who shares my passion for HW. I could imagine models that come...
  39. Unable to comply, building in progress

    Unable to comply, building in progress

  40. jj84

    [SD/Texturing] Beta troll burrow skin

    hi guys. Actually i worked on troll burrow but i realized that it has different icon, can anyone make a skin like it's icon? I uploaded a model, so please edit the skin for the model.
  41. Lechuguita

    Problems with a model and creating an object

    Hi everyone, sorry for the inconvenience, I have 2 problems that I don't understand how to solve. Model Error I was changing the models of the paladins so that they had different ones in the human campaign, the first two, the models did not present any problem, they loaded and worked...
  42. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] Kirin Tor Arcanist

    hello can some one pleass make a classic verstion of this model(left pic) with that staff(right pic) pleass 🙏🙏🧙‍♂️ i need it for a kirin tor map i am trying to do and i need something to fill the role of arcane mage like in WOW p.s can it also inclode the Spell Slam animation form mrhoon...
  43. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] kirin tor mages

    hello can some one plass make a kirin tor mage units models or add the kirin tor flavor to mage models from WOW pleass for some of the follwing models ? https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/warcraft-ii-mage.231395/ https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/female-human-mage.231160/...
  44. Kelari

    (Retera model studio) Model becomes invisible at certain times

    Sorry for my English I understand very well but can't make a single good sentence . Im a baguette 🇫🇷 I am learning to modify models with Retera model studio and I do not understand why parts of the model become invisible at certain times . realy need help pls 🥲
  45. Eriik00990

    [SD/Modeling] I need a model of an elf rider

    I need a character model for warcarft 3 of an elf with a sword riding a reindeer, Thranduil style from lord of the rings
  46. Dord96

    [Solved] alexstrasza dragon form model

    hello i want to ask if some one is willing to make a model of alexstrasza dragon form basd on this pleass , also if it can a some sort of a hero dragon to mach some of alexstrasza models on here like the one made by kangyun pleass and thank you
  47. Killparadise

    Custom Model Questions

    Hello! Me again! I have two questions about custom models with the world editor, not about importing but about some issues they seem to have. 1. Sometimes when I import a custom model and place the unit I make with it when I save and reload world edit, it crashes on unit load, after removing...
  48. jonathan ross

    [SD/Modeling] Help either rotating particle effect or making a similar one

    Was hoping someone could either rotate this model so that instead of going up one version goes down and the other goes horizontally toward the screen in z axis, or they can make a similar model, suppose to be for a plague firebat kind of unit. Also if someone wants to explain how i can do it...
  49. FlameofChange

    Warcraft 3 SD+ resource pack

    Greetings fellow hivers. I don't know if this stuff already exist somewhere, but here we go. I wanted to share with you a kind of ressource pack for Warcraft 3 containing the following : ☼ Re-classic by @johnwar ☼ Fixed versions by @Ujimasa Hojo ☼ Some non-TC models replaced by TC edits made by...
  50. LosKalmaros

    [SD/Modeling] Model request or choose base for model of Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

    Hello everyone! I've got an idea to make boss from Elden Ring game, that named Malenia, Blade of Miquella. But for a whole year since the release of the game, no one has made this model or someone similar. Does anyone have a desire to make this model? I'm thinking of trying to master the 3D...