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Zuluhed the Whacked

Background Story:

Zuluhed was apparently the last and only shaman to accompany the Horde. Since the elements and ancestors had abandoned the orc clans out of anger, many shaman turned to demonic magic; Zuluhed was one of the few who refused, out of distrust for Gul'dan and distaste for demonic magic.
During the Second War, Zuluhed received a vision of a powerful artifact hidden within the Redridge Mountains, and requested permission from Orgrim Doomhammer to locate it. Despite Zuluhed's apparent loyalty to the sons of Blackhand — his chief rivals — Doomhammer believed that the elder shaman acted in the Horde's best interests, and agreed to allow Zuluhed and his clan to find the artifact in question. Zuluhed, sensing the power within the Blackrock Mountains, directed the Horde there and after defeating the handful of dwarves dwelling here, Doomhammer claimed it for the orcs. Following the source of his visions, Zuluhed came into possession of what he called the Demon Soul. He assured Doomhammer that he would be able to unlock its powers, but this proved difficult even with the still-formidable powers of the elder shaman. Zuluhed decided to give the artifact to his Second, Nekros Skullcrusher, a former warlock, and with its power managed to capture the dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, and subjugate her red dragonflight. Alexstrasza, threatened with the death of her children, unwillingly gave the Horde an endless supply of her deadly progeny. He also followed the Horde to Quel'Thalas and reported Orgrim that the dragon fires were inefficient against Silvermoon as the Sunwell energy was used to shield the city.
At the end of the Second War, Zuluhed returned through the Dark Portal to Draenor, and thus was not present when Alexstrasza was freed and the majority of his clan destroyed at Grim Batol.
He survived the destruction of Draenor and he eventually pledged what remained of his clan to Illidan.
When the Dark Portal was reopened, Ragnok Bloodreaver attacked Dragonmaw Fortress but Zuluhed and some orcs escaped his wrath.
He enslaved Karynaku, matriarch of the Netherwing dragonflight, to provide drakes for his new master. Zuluhed resided at Dragonmaw Fortress, east of the Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley, and is involved in the Netherwing quest chain where he is slain.
"I will swear allegiance to you!"

Modeling, Texture Warpping: Stefan.K
Optimizing, Sponsor: BaiyuGalan
Other Credits Animations Source:Gul'dan (by - Tauer)
Keywords: Dragonmaw Clan, Chieftain
I know there are many clipping issues on this model. However, they are too hard to fix as wc3 classic models lack sufficient vertices. So please don't bother me with clipping issues.

1. Fix left foot bone.
1. Fix extents.
2. Add collision shapes.
3. Update portrait camera.
1.Add Mag'har Orc.

Zuluhed the Whacked (Model)

Zuluhed the Whacked(Mag'har) (Model)

A very nice pair of warlock hero. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 24
Jun 11, 2017
Fashionable skirt, shoulder pads, rocker bracers, cultist staff, tough wrestler hairdo and beard and of course most importantly, field people's ragged and stitched shoes.
Eh, each part of this looks probably cost at least 50.000 gold (we don't have $ in the Warcraft universe). Rich & Stylish, those egg-slavers know that fashion!
I checked the model preview and there's something wrong with the walk animation it doesn't make one by one foot steps.
That's a fabulous model, I love the amount of work put into it, and making canon heroes based on obscure art is great fun (that's what we do ourselves a lot))

However, there's something wrong with his walk animation. At least in Hive viewer, it appears both his feet are attached to one bone.
Update. Fix left foot bone.