Xorkamizer Team: Dope or Nope

Level 18
Jul 12, 2010
Your Request had been done.

[+] Custom Intense & Fast-Paced Combat system: you can pretty much combo all your skills.
[+] Beautiful Environment: custom models, doesn't use wc3 ugly cliffs.
[+] Character Customization: You can change your heroes' face and hair characteristics.
[+] Variety of Game Modes: Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, FFA, Battle Zone, Duel Arena, Boss Mode.
[+] AI Enemies & AI Bots: Challenging AI even for the experienced players.
[+] Save/Load System: Simple and good Save/Load system with Name Bound.
[+] Custom User Interface: Very nicely made UI, fits the BnG II style a lot better than the previous UI.

[-] No Player Limits, playing with 12 players in tavern is a mess and it's too confusing, I instantly die after Invulnerability wears off.
[-] Save/Load System does not provide anything special(apart from character customization), it's just there for bragging your level.
[-] Damage Log is a great idea but it's too buggy, also while viewing damage log you can't see the kills multiboard.

[=] Add Player Limits, example: In Tavern Area maximum 6 players, if current players are higher than that then that Game Area is disabled.
[=] If possible when you die make it so you can view both multiboards, the score multiboard stays at it's current and other half for the damage log.
[=] AI Bots could have some sort of difficulty setting because even experienced players have difficulties beating them. Not to mention newbies die too fast from them.
[=] Character Customization: you could add/improve some of the faces, the current ones look ugly and might scare newbies away lol..

Overall Impression: