Would this be well recieved?

Level 7
May 16, 2004
Alright heres the deal, this is a gameplay mode for my new map 'Dawn of Darkness'. It works like,well like you would expect a mode to, it changes victory/defeat conditions and throws some fun changes into the game.

Mode Name: Honor Mode(Works like a PvP style deal from WoW)

General Mode Information:

This mode focuses on Hero Killing. Each player is assigned a Rank. You all start at Rank 0. Every time a player kills a Hero, he gets Honor, which is used to increase rank. After accumulating a certain number of kills, you advance in rank. There is a decreasing return from killing the same person over and over again, such that after 5 kills of the same person by the same person, they are worth very little honor. This is reset by leaving them alone for a while, about 3-4 minutes.

Victory: Once someone on the opposing team reaches Rank 10, they are flagged. They are at all times visible to the enemy and a countdown starts. The opposing team must slay the other teams Rank 10 to stop the counter.

Now, to prevent someone whose Rank 10 from simply camping in the base, they MUST not linger within the base for longer than 3 minutes. Do otherwise, and you'll lose Honor and be reset to Rank 9, ending the cooldown. The Rank 10 player must be defended at all costs in the battlefield. After 10 minutes, this counter ends and the team leaves victorious.

Special Rewards: Upon reaching Rank 5-6, a special shop will open up, selling to those players. This shop contains a special Honor Set, and special Honor Items.

Gameplay Specific:

Rank: | Needed Honor:

1) First Sergeant | 0 - 150 honor points.
2) Stone Guard | 151 - 350 honor points.
3) Blood Guard | 351 - 500 honor points.
4) Legionnare | 501 - 700 honor points.
5) Centurion | 701 - 1000 honor points.
6) Commander Champion | 1001 - 1500 honor points.
7) Lieutenant General | 1501 - 2000 honor points.
8) General | 2001 - 2700 honor points.
9) Warlord | 2701 - 3500 honor points.
10) High Warlord | (see below)

(every Hero Kill made reduces 15 minute countdown by 30 seconds. Extra honor above the 3500 mark will increase the leeway that Hero has before losing a rank.)

Edit: To flesh out the workings of the Honor mode. (Don't like the name "Champion Mode", Honor Mode sounds so much neater.)

Once the game starts, everyones Rank is officially set to Rank 0.. Scout.
Honor is accumulated by any of the following actions:

1) Destroying a tower (awards 50 honor points to the killing hero. Divides it among the team if creeps make the kill.)
2) Slaying creeps (awards 3 honor points per creep.)
3) Killing an enemy Hero with help (awards 200 honor points, divided amongst all attackers.)
4) Slaying an enemy hero without help (awards 350 honor points, no division.)
5) Killing a creep that drops Epic items (awards 1000 honor points, divided amongst all attackers.)

The Epic rewards you recieve as a result of achieving better and better Ranks will come soon.

Examples of the Honor System:

Player 1 kills Player 6 for example. Player 1 had no help with the kill, and recieved 350 honor, moving him up to Stone Guard rank. Player 6 is now worth 3/4 (262) of the regular honor for the next 3 minutes. If Player 2 kills Player 6 before 3 minutes have passed, he will recieve 262 Honor, which would still make him a Stone Guard but not as deeply as Player 1. The 3 minute countdown is reset, and Player 6 is now worth 1/2 honor (175). If killed again, he will be worth 1/4 (87), and then, nothing. Repeated kills of the same person yield no honor for 5 minutes after a Player hits 0 honor value. This is to prevent feeding and to prevent people from Zerging a weaker player.

Players also recieve a "Honorless Target" debuff when they revive. This buff lasts for 1 minute, and if killed while under the effects of "Honorless Target", they will yield no honor. Again, to prevent enemy heroes from "camping" revive points.

Players who are killed by Creeps award Honor as if they had been killed by an entire team of enemy heroes, thus awarding 40 honor to all team members. They are still subject to diminishing returns.

As far as Hero Kills go, it takes 10 kills with no help to make High Warlord. You can also, alternatively, down Epic Monsters to make quick honor points or slay 700 creeps to earn the honor to make High Warlord.

Once the 15 minute countdown starts, the High Warlord is flagged, and must be killed at all costs.

Honor gains are NOT modified by Rank differences, since it would just get messy.

You will lose honor upon death. The amount lost is equal to 5 times your Hero Level * Rank, thus a Level 20 Hero at High Warlord would lose (5*10) * 10 or 500 honor upon death. The higher the climb, the greater the fall.