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World of Warcraft- RPG-2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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World of Warcraft-RPG2. This is a upgrade map from: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/world-of-warcraft-rpg-135859/
The upgrades:
-Better terrain(i hope...)
-Druid (Horde) can transform in a Panther
-Druid (Aliance) can transform in a White Tiger
-There is now a BOSS
-There is now a Leaderbord
-and more!
(and The Doom(force) is Deleted!)

Models by: pandarian, General Frank, apaka, levigeorge1617,
shamanyouranus, D.O.G., Dan van Ohllus, DonDustin, and HappyTauren, Lord_T.
Icons by: Dan van Ohllus, Big Dub, and X.e.r.e.X.
Costum Spells by: Wimpycow.
Map creator: Dark-NL


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World of Warcraft- RPG-2 (Map)

03:57, 18th Sep 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected Same reason as your other WoW RPG: the quality is too low.




03:57, 18th Sep 2009
ap0calypse: Rejected

Same reason as your other WoW RPG: the quality is too low.
Level 9
Apr 11, 2008
ill check this out.. *testin*
Terrain: 2,5/5 could use more variation and lots of blizz cliffs are placed.
Quests: there arent any...
Heroes: 1/5 epic fail considering this is wow so you decided to let out troll and orcs... (i tested as horde) and rogue is way to OP considering that you can blink into dooms area take some stuff ya want and so on..
Mounts: these are horrible 1/5 considering: The mounts can mount each other,there can be more on each mount.
Note: you shouldn't use a nelf model for a undead rogue and giving it mirror image so it can easily be seen..
Overall: 1,4/5 needs major improvement and vote for rejection because of the major needs of improvement
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Level 6
Jul 10, 2009
]i have deleted the mounts, YES u right its horrible....
and im always bad i the terrain, hehe....
u right, there are no quests, but this map is not for the quests.....
yes,, and that with BLINK..... i see.
i see what i can do :)
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Level 2
Oct 29, 2008
ok the terrain is poor ... but i could help with the terrain.... im not the best but im better in terraining than you...pm me if you want me to join your "team"
Level 6
Jul 10, 2009
20 minutes(i think ^^) later

thx for the help :)
i think i make later a shaman.
i have fix the rogue,(a troll rogue.....) tauren-warrior is NOW: (blademaster)orc-warrior.
Cyper95 can u download it again and look??? if i better^^
i have 1 question: what can i do with that archievement???
Level 6
Jul 10, 2009
Add some Features like Tournament,Events etc.........
yes but, i don't know how i can make that.(im not so good with triggers..)
do u know, how i can make that??
(and how can i make a leaderbord??)
(AND,,, i think i make some quests...lol, but i don't know how i must do that...)
Level 6
Jul 10, 2009
k, good idea.
but, u wil help me? ;P :D

???hmmmm..... i delete Doom....(the force((Doom)).)
i have deleted Doom, just it was so boring.
i use that place for duels.
but Cyper95 can u help me with the duel triggers>??
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Level 7
Oct 20, 2008
My Review

[+] It's funny for a while
[/] Terrain is okay but need an Update
[/] It's get boring cause u can only Creep at beginning
[-] Not enough Heroes to Pick
[-] No Quests (Its an RPG it need Quests)
[-] There's no Event,or Tournament in it (But you are working on it)
My Rating
2,6 = 3/5
Good Luck :)