World Editor doodads and destrucibles hints


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Jan 1, 2006
You can make doodads and destrucibles thinner, smaller, larger, higher and make them "float" above the ground or go under it or rotate them.

You can change the rotation, height and scale % (X, Y, Z) of doodads.

You can't change the scale % of Y and Z of a destrucible.
Only Life % and scale % X.
To rotate a destrucible (like a gate) you have to use the object editor.
And change the Art - Fixed Rotation.

NOTICE - You can double click a doodad or destrucible to get to the Doodad Properties.
This picture is of a doodad (Ruins Pillars) not a destrucible. It shows the rotation and scale %.

This is a picture of a destrucible (Ruins Tree Wall). Here the Y and Z is disabled but you change the Life %. Changeing the life % to 0 will destroy the destrucible.

Editing by "Hot Keys"

To change the height of a doodad:
• Select the doodad
• Press Ctrl + Page Up (to make it "float" above the ground)
• Press Ctrl + Page Down (to change the height down)

A Ruins Pillars "floating" above the ground

A Ruins Pillars going under the ground.

NOTE - There are no limits for heights.

To change the rotaion of a doodad:
• Select the doodad
• Press / (not "slash" but "divided" (as in: 4 divided by 2)) to rotate it to the left.
• Press * (not "*" but "times" (as in: 2 times 2)) to rotate it to the right.

Scale % (X, Y, Z)
• The X scale is the units size on the X axis (horizontal),
• The Y scale is the units size on the Y axis (horizontal but the other direction)
• The Z axis is the size on the z axis (height). Pressing + or - changes the units total size (increases the size on all axis).

• Press - to make the X scale smaller.
• Press + to make the X scale larger.
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May 8, 2016
Okay i am reaching here. I hope your email is the same and you have it linked to update you on replies... lol

You used to be able to add HP to the trees in the object editor. Now the doodads dont even come up. Any thoughts?
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May 8, 2016
I want to make the trees unlimited (never fall down) that way i can have a few trees for wood that can be harvested indefinitely. I got the HP changed to 9999 but it did seem to make a difference. Any thoughts?
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May 8, 2016
I figured it out! Trial and Error win! The slk field that you need to change is numVar. This tells the map how many "units" of wood are in the trees that you used in the map. each unit give you 10 wood. so set this to 9999 and you basically have unlimited wood in your trees baring any 24+ hour games :p
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May 20, 2013
Ok, here is my question. I hope this doesn't sound too weird. Once upon a time, like 12 years ago probably, i stumbled upon a way that i could stack skull piles on top of each other to make a pillar of skulls. It was quite by accident. But i then used it to good effect to make a hero ability out of it -sort of a ward that sucked the life out of enemies and spawned zombies.

Here is the thing. Originally i did this by tinkering with destructibles i think. I took a destructible, like a tree, or debris or something. I changed it's model to the skull piles. And i did "something" with it so that they stacked together.

But i can't remember what "something" was. I want to think it had something to do with the placement pathing. I think i changed some info in the fields so that the only place they could attach was to each other.

I just can't remember how i did it. But the overall effect was pretty cool. There are so many great custom textures out here now, i would love to recreate this again, using some community art.

Does anyone have any idea how i stacked the skull piles into pillars?

Thanks a bunch, in advance! :)
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Oct 12, 2016
But i can't remember what "something" was. I want to think it had something to do with the placement pathing.
Yup, you are right. It's the pathing. Simply set the pathing field for the doodad and/or destructable to the "mushrooms" one, similar to what you'd see for the fish/birds/bats/mushroom pathing.
That'll make it so you can arrange and stack them up on each other.