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Jul 28, 2014
One year ago, me and some of my friends decided to create our own rpg. It's only a paper-rpg. Since the beginning, we've been creating races, cultures and a lot of other things. We are going to present it...


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first of all,it's not a naval warfare

Boreans Sanareans Calderians Dwarves

[td] Humans [/td] A weak race (physically). Their origin is unknown. They are very individualistic and they have difficulties when it's necessary to work in big groups. They are always ready for war and are corruptible. they are vicious and they can reach their goals easily when they cooperate. They are good merchants even if their honesty is doubtful.
The human society is kingly to compensate the fact that they don't trust each other (legitimately).
they are very numerous and present in most of the world because of their adventurous mind.
They are not good magicians.
They are very creative and can adapt easily to any environment.
They are good craftsmen, there are a lot of machines in their daily life. That makes of them one of the most developed society in terms of engineering.
The boreans were a race of "frost" elves. They once lived on a moving iceberg that was the most higher peak of a giant continent. Today all the remains of their culture have been forgotten. They showed great talents for frost magic and where similar to regular high-elves.

These fish-men live on an archipelago located at the south of the Eastern continent. They have an Asian-like culture. Contrary to the fish-men of other games, this race is very kind and zen. As a tolerant race, they are very good merchants and have explored most of the known-world.

They are a race of lava-men. They look like humans but they have a scale-like skin and they can't speak

This race of an unknown origin is very strange. they have a blue skin whose shade changes according to their rank in society. they live underground in reversed mushrooms that grow from the cave's roof. On the roots of their mushroom, they build their factories. The dwarves' government is a federal one. Each of the mushrooms of a cave are ruled by a central power; the royal family, or another type of government as the dwarves' caves are located everywhere around the world.
It's a very exentric race, each year, a new fashion is created and everyone must change his clothes. The only thing that doesn't change each year is the coiffe for the women and the cane for the men. They need to consume a lot of drugs to keep their skin blue. if they stop using drugs, they become yellow and mad, and they are thrown out from the mushroom.


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Jul 27, 2008
Wouldn't that be "Naval Warfare"?

So what races are there and what nations? And is it one race per nation or are races not homogenized in same cultures and lands. What about religion? Are deities real or unknown. And is world ancient, medieval, modern, magi-tech, anachronistic, steampunk etc?