Idea House.

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Oct 5, 2004
Make an idea of a race that you thought might be cool or an idea for some new continents in the world of warcraft or make up a new world just for fun :? . This is just a place for ideas. Purpose just to put down thoughts of made up races you thought of or made p hidden kingdoms that are in the world of warcraft and make a small backround though if you could and description what the custom race looks or behaves like.

Heres one of my ideas. :D

The Khalens a race of short bronze skinned lizard like creatures that have pure blue eyes and sharp white claws and short but spiky legs. They have three fingers and three toes. They have three spikes that are on their back the spikes themselves are white. Though these lizard like creatures look evil they actuelly live in small tribes in Booty Bay in small wooden huts and burning small plants as sacirfices to the Wood Spirits and to their ancesters. They also usually build one stone temple, sometimes small or big were they keep their tombed cheftans in to perserve their corps and surround the temples to gurd it from tomb robbers who wish to find some jewelary left behind. The tribesmen though of the Khalens are feirce would defending their families but usually live in peace in the foret and jungles.
Level 2
Dec 23, 2004

The Dunewalkers. Creatures that are humanish except they have tanish scales that look like iron and have two small claws sticking out of their knuckles and have lizard like tails an elf or goblin like size ears that are also scaly. They usually have orange eyes with yellow pupils an have a tangle like black hair. They live under the sand dunes at basins and have t lvie harshly. They are constantly attacked by harpies and have little food except the small prety the find and might have to moe to the north grasslands of Mulgore.
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004

Appearance: Raptorians are bird-like humanoids. Despite having a humanoid shape, aside from the bird-like head and the wings, a Raptorian also has talons for hands and feet. They are covered in feathers that come in many shades, and their beak size and function has been known to change depending on their diet


Back before Kalimdor was blown apart by the force of the Well of Enternity, there was a proud avian race. The Night Elves knew not of their existance, due to their habbit of staying above the clouds. They had powers over storms, and are often called "Thunder Birds" in Orcish myths, a sign saying that they might have also been found in Draenor

Before the Well explode, one Thunderbird descended towards the Night Elven City, to attempt to destroy it with storms. However, the Well exploded before anything could be done. A few nearby Night Elves found themselves shot upwards from the blast, and the blast also hit the Thunderbird. The Night Elves caught in the blast collided with the Thunderbird, causing an immense show of lighting. Unlike some other elves, who became the Naga, the elves unlucky enough to hit the Thunderbird were changed into a strange avian creature, with a humanoid body, but covered in feathers and with wings. These were the first of the Raptorians


The Raptorians flew in the direction of any landmass they could find, eventualy settling in a high mountain range in Kalimdor. There, they attempted to hunt, but were unsuccessful. The end almost seemed upon the Raptorians, when a mysterious voice began to speak to them

The voice indentified himself as Al'Akir, the Windlord, one of the four Elemental lords. Al'Akir promised the Raptorians powers beyond their wildest dreams, and they began to worship the winds, and considered Al'Akir the source of all wind. Even after Al'Akir stopped contacting them, possibly because the crack that they had heard his original cries from had been sealed in an earthquake, the Raptorians continued worshiping the wind. Over the time, they learnt how to summon elemental beings of air and forged a pact with strange flying jellyfish-like creatures called Cndarions

Ever since then, the Raptorians and Cndarions have kept their world a secret from the rest of Azeroth. Only time can tell how long it will be before they decide to contact the other races