Working with Notepad++ and Jass Syntax highlighting

Level 38
Sep 26, 2009
Starting with moyac's great concept of adding JASS syntax highlighting, I've started a bit of a project.

I downloaded Notepad++ with the Jass-interpreter addons, and the first thing I did was update the color schemes (as the old Jass highlighting looks abominable). The updated color codes/styles are perfectly identical to the ones seen on this forum/ the ones you work with in NewGen.

As I've been working on my own scripts, I've been adding BJ functions and unlisted native functions as I go along (as the language file contained no BJ functions). I've also been listing the blizzard-created variables declared in common.j and blizzard.j

Big problem is that you can only highlight four categories of keywords, and I need more than that.

Cat 1 is red for BJ functions
Cat 2 is purple for native functions
Cat 3 is teal for types like nothing boolean thistype //etc.
Cat 4 is black-bold for main words like set takes returns //etc.

I've been storing a lot of key words in Cat 3 that have similar colors ( true false null) and, since the color is identical (though the bold-style is a problem) the Blizzard variables have been put here, too.

Is there a way to expand the list of categories from the limit of four? I've given up on the idea that you can add vJass gray text .like_this .and_or .like_this because if I use "." as an indicator everything after that gets highlighted gray as well. Lol...

This is what it looks like so far (yeah it's nice, works great, but I want to be able to add just one more type):