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Jun 26, 2019 at 9:00 AM
Dec 12, 2012

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looking_for_help was last seen:
Jun 26, 2019 at 9:00 AM
    1. rolandc85
      Hi sir, I need some help. I would like to learn from you what is needed to run tesh editor from source code. I had Visual C++ installed. I had the issue of adding into the sqlite these 2 functions from 1.31.

      insert into keywords values ('CONSTANT', 'ABILITY_RLF_MANA_REGENERATION_BONUS_AS_FRACTION_OF_NORMAL', '', "constant abilityreallevelfield ABILITY_RLF_MANA_REGENERATION_BONUS_AS_FRACTION_OF_NORMAL = ConvertAbilityRealLevelField('Imrp')");

      insert into keywords values ('CONSTANT', 'UNIT_WEAPON_RF_ATTACK_AREA_OF_EFFECT_MEDIUM_DAMAGE', '', "constant unitweaponrealfield UNIT_WEAPON_RF_ATTACK_AREA_OF_EFFECT_MEDIUM_DAMAGE = ConvertUnitWeaponRealField('ua1h')");

      I believe this is due to the keyword having more than 50 characters. The tesh editor in WEX will crash if I add these 2 in. Is there any way I can overcome this? Do contact me @ rolandcai@gmail.com. Desperately needed help.
    2. Devalut
    3. pyf
    4. pyf
      Thanks for showing your appreciation
    5. BlueSaint
      So you've decided not to share source code of tesh. I'm okay with that, but can you enlighten me on how tesh works? I can enum windows and get handle of trigger editor and hide existing edit control, but I can't get my own rich edit to update. How do you do it?
    6. Cokemonkey11
      Excellent. Hope your summer is good.
    7. Cokemonkey11
      Hi lfh, how have you been?
    8. edo494
      I dont want to hijack his thread, but I wonder with unit indexer, you use undefend to get the removed unit, but what if its like a footman and I order him to undefend? how do you distinguish them? :D I thought 0 hp could, but units can get tranq'ed while dead, or RemoveUnit'ed
    9. Sin'dorei300
      Happy New Year!
      Wish u have a great year ahead! :)
    10. edo494
      the only workaround around this that I could think of as of now is however such that it also really degrades nonexceptional code exec path :( (if check after every function call that can throw inside try block)
    11. edo494
      Ive realized they arent all that good, there is currently one way in my head that could implement "true" try-catch, but that would require the shitty "check with if after every call to function that can throw" check, which really slows down the code a lot.

      The other more clean way has flaw that after executing catch block it will jump back to the try block :D, thats probably not what you want when you write try-catch block
    12. edo494

      I have some interesting "news", while nothing on the compiler was done really(still havent asked anyone competent in school :D), I have some interesting thigs.

      Ive split the compiler repo so now it is compiler repo separated from the language iteself.
      The big news is I thought of ways of getting exceptions emulated in the language. There are multitudes of ways that this can be achieved that I thought of, they include both keeping and discarding the local stack frame(the local variables together with their content) inside the catch block, and finally clause is also possible.

      What do you think about exceptions? :D
    13. Bannar
      Any good recipe system out there? Looking for one
    14. KILLCIDE
      I think only moderators can do stuff like that :P I'll ask him though!
    15. KILLCIDE
      Hey Looking_for_help! Why is it that when i update my spell it doesn't bump up like yours? :P I updated it on the 8th, but it still says I did it on the 4th.
    16. ZiBitheWand3r3r
      This library Im using is SetUnitMaxState. It setting max life of a unit.
      Something like: hero summon a unit. Then Im setting summoned unit's max life depending on caster's intelligence. Its an example what for I use SetUnitMaxState.
      inside this SetUnitMaxState library author use GetUnitState-->UNIT_STATE_MAX_LIFE so my question is : should I edit this SetUnitMaxState library? I think I should be your confirmation will be very usefull;]
    17. ZiBitheWand3r3r
    18. Bannar
      Can you pull out Vector<T> from graveyard?
    19. Bannar
      Mod now. Grats, tho probably kind of late ones.
    20. Ardenian
      I see, thank you!
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