Worgen Race Idea

Level 3
Jun 13, 2011
All units start with inbuilt timer, when timer ends the units get buffed, become uncontrollable and attack anyone in sight (prioritizes closest target, secondary priority enemy target => So if ally target is closest, it will attack that first.) . Thus player has choice to suicide the units before timer is up, or send them in strategic death raids in wide formations, or as meatshields.

The player disadvantage has to be balanced by low cost of training, low upkeep requirements and generally lighter economy. Also a specialised caster unit that can turn low HP enemies into Worgen thereby providing a massive 'bulk zerging' ability.

If possible, add a whole nice campaign on the Worgens and how they came to be in the timeline and style of WC3.
Level 26
Apr 6, 2010
Timer would need to be immediately visible even without clicking on the unit though (e.g. Parasite and Doom have effects so you know the unit is in danger of being lost).

Would the transformed unit be under the control of the Worgen player or immediately turn NH?

There's also the fact that a player might create units solely to fight them once they become Worgen, giving them extra experience and gold in addition to creeps and enemy attacks.