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[WiP] Drown Witch

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[WiP] Drown Witch Skin

I've begun a reskin of the sorceress model into a drowned undead witch-like creature. There will be a lot of blood, chains and creepyness. As nice as the texture might look right now, the sorceress wrap is freaking horrible (Y U DO DIS BLIZZ?), especially on the mouth.
I wonder if it would be better if I moved that cloth to the torn-out eyes and put some sewn-together mouth there...

Let me know what you think :)


  • Sorceress.PNG
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What you are gonna do with those pointy boobies? I mean... it certainly takes some of the scariness away. ;)

I think it would add effect if I bound them in tight bloody bandages and show her skinny ribs below. About the hands and legs, they would bound in chains, but the wrap is too horrible for that, I'll figure something out...
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