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WinMPQ Batcher 1.0 - w3x unpacker

Submitted by Firstrun70
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Batch unpack w3x w3m w3n mpq
Author of WinMPQ v1.64: ShadowFlare
Author of WinMPQ Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70

Variation 1: Distributed as a bat file. Attached to this thread.
WinMPQ Batcher - Batch resource unpacker from w3x w3m w3n mpq
v1.0 [12.25.2019]

WinMPQ v1.64 + VB40032.DLL + WinMPQ Batcher 1.0
By default, it is configured to unpack the following files:

Recommended use chcp 850
Work methods:
1 - works from the current folder. Before starting, you need to copy the bat file to the folder with maps.
2 - works with direct folders. Run from anywhere.
The program has hidden working methods 11 12 21 22 (11=1 21=2), methods 12 and 22 are executed alternatively with other work logging.
github https://github.com/Firstrun70/WinMPQ-Batcher

Variation 2:
Total Commander + MPQ plugin (download separately)
Install plugin MPQ plugin (Copy to folder \Total commander\Plugins\wcx\MPQ\ )
Configuration - Options - Packer - Configure packer extension WCXs - Write in the upper right corner "mpq" - New type - Choose the path to the plugin "MPQ plugin" - OK
Do the same for w3x w3m w3n

Select the desired w3x w3m w3n mpq files
Alt+F9 (unpack)
Choose where to unpack
Mask for unpacking - war3map.j;war3map.w3i;war3map.wts;war3mapMap.blp;war3mapPreview.tga
Check option "Unpack each archive to a separate subdir (name of the archive)"

Variation 3:
MPQExtractor Kanma/MPQExtractor
No compiled release

Batch unpack all files from mpq:
Variation 1 not suitable, WinMPQ decompresses only one file
Variation 2 unpack mask *.*
Variation 3 not compiled in exe

war3mapMap.blp can be batch converted to png via the BLP Lab program BLP Lab v0.5.0

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WinMPQ Batcher 1.0 - w3x unpacker (Binary)