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Windu's terraining gallery

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Level 15
Nov 26, 2005
Here it is!
My first terrain Gallery

1. A devastated dwarven mine
2. Another part of the same mine
3. A human castle
4. Dead orks who tried to enter the castle
5. A village during daytime
6. A village during night
7. A resident evil like city
8. Another part of the same city
9. A treasure Island
10. A wrecked ship
11. A human outpost
12. The same outpost inside


  • DeadMine.JPG
    85.5 KB · Views: 226
  • DeadMine1.JPG
    104.9 KB · Views: 231
  • HumanCastle.JPG
    171.1 KB · Views: 206
  • HumanCastlesDeadOrks.JPG
    165.7 KB · Views: 209
  • DayVillage.JPG
    144.3 KB · Views: 197
  • MidnightVillage.JPG
    114.3 KB · Views: 174
  • RezidentEvil1.JPG
    144.8 KB · Views: 177
  • RezidentEvil2.JPG
    136.5 KB · Views: 160
  • Shipwreck.JPG
    99.2 KB · Views: 179
  • TreasureIsland.JPG
    134.8 KB · Views: 169
  • HumanFortress.JPG
    132.5 KB · Views: 188
  • HumanFortress(Inside).JPG
    113.4 KB · Views: 166
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
For the first two it looks way to light. Since its a mine it should be a lot darker. Apart from that it looks good.

In the third and fourth ones the road looks way to rough. You should smooth it out a bit. The fifth and sixth ones are ok, but the barn looks way to small, especially compared to the woman standing next to it. Also with the trees on the hills they are floating, which you can fix by lowing them by using Ctrl + Pg Down.

The next two a nice, but some of the wc3 doodads don't fit in very well, especially the pile of junk one that is on top of the ruined building. In the ninth terrain the island looks a bit plain I think, and in the tenth one the ship looks really smalled compared to the island, so you should scale it up a bit.

And for the last two terrains it really needs some fog, and the area outside the fortress looks really plain and flat. At the very least you could add some height variation, a bit more tile variation (and get rid of the grass trim and replace it with normal grass), and at least add some rocks or something.
Level 15
Nov 26, 2005
Haha, well I like humans and goblins, I don't like orks, I usually use them as dead doodads :p

The mine and the infected city really should be darker, thanks. And I will try to make bigger buildings, too :)
Expect a few more to see, I enjoy terrains. :)
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