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will there be another LAN clients to play old patch of Warcraft 3? 🤔

Level 2
Sep 16, 2016
I'm thinking if there will be another LAN clients to play old patch of Warcraft 3 online with other players besides of GameRanger and Garena. Sadly Garena was terminated so the only option is GameRanger.
Level 7
Jan 1, 2014
I cant really recommend you anymore "project jenova" www.wlizer.com because I have keeping my server very much offline. Its a little bit saddening tho that nobody besides my brother tested my server and came to play few matches of ladder. Custom games would not even work for the that matter.

If I would like to keep server online 24/7 I would need to uprage my hardware and besides of that I would also need to get rid of stasis electicity problem.

I have been lately just played sc2 because it has still great blizzard rts feeling but it may vanish overtime.