Widgetizer Error

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May 27, 2009
I recently tried using Widgetizer and it keep on saying the error

The map's war3map.w3* couldn't be loaded correctly! File will be skipped!

wherein * pertains to all war3map that widgetizer uses (w3u,w3a, w3h)

i already tried downloading it again, still same problem occurs

**PS, only maps with nestharus library installed :ogre_icwydt: , other vjass maps works properly o_O

i think they are object editor files @_@ what's wrong

Ok managed to fix it, i just recreated the abils generated by Nestharu's Lua,
well i think Nestharu's lua aren't working with widgetizer perhaps because of having values out of the lowest possible value in the editor (like selection value and stuff, even though shifting it to add negative values still fails) but the normal objectmerge textmacro is working D:

Nestharus: Fix that xD

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