Which country's forum is "HiveWorkshop"?

Level 8
Jan 1, 2017
Headquarters are on Mars but because that planet is too far from the Earth, most staff members are from the Moon.

  It seems that the earth people's thoughts are similar, regardless of which region, or which country, their way of joking is the same. I'd better go back and report to star headquarters: "People on earth no longer pose a threat, because their vision of exploring the universe is limited to the Moon and Mars."
Level 3
Jun 3, 2021

  There's a problem. Which country's forum? Where is the headquarters? Are the forum staff from all over the world? Or is there a special organization? I'm curious.
Hi. Hive is a forum from Denmark. The founder of THW called Ralle is from Denmark. His right hand man, Archian is also from Denmark.
Together they run the website. If you need to work with them then you can go to their office in Denmark and show them your CV then they will give you job.