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Dec 28, 2008
I was gone for 12 hours and this is what I found when I came back today.

Ralle has some point. I am even wishing that this kind of justice was done at several other communities as well. Also, I still think that some people are acting way too dramatically. A bunch of users are getting banned doesn't mean that they died or anything. Friends can still stay as the same friends, there is skype, there is facebook, there is msn. There are even people who meet irl. Even if they feel like being a part of a forum is essential, they should go create their own forums then. What's the drama? There is life outside..
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Sep 2, 2007
Today I left.
I also went shopping. Bought some kickass shoes.
Now I'm off to see my girlfriend and we'll watch the godfather together.
It is now clear to me that THW is no longer my home.
Fuck this shit.

To anyone who wants to stay in touch, or whatever, just mail rubendv9[at]hotmail.com
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Jul 28, 2009
after thinking it through, i think i will put my good goodbye in here as well..
to all of you wonderful people on here, i hope you'll get/have a bright future, it's
been a pleasure to talk to some of you, even though i only got to talk to a few of you guys. I would like to specially thank;
'Realin', 'Frankster', 'L2love', 'Griveous1', 'Pharaoh_', 'MasterHaosis', 'Lungdrache' & '-Kobas-'.
At some point, I've talked to some of you people or just admired the wonderful work you did either as an adminstrator or as a project creator..

~ I just can't handle all the depressing goodbyes, and if everyone leaves, why should i then stay myself?..
[[ Anyways ]]

Have fun all, i might come by to check once or twice in the chat room to see if anythings changed but it doesn't seem like it.

~ Sorceress

// Also, i support Ralle's decision on banning Mr.Bob.
He was a fucking asshole.

Deleted member 219079


Deleted member 219079

Took an IQ test:

I know it's not accurate, still I'm proud of it.
I have a 181 IQ according to that test :p
It's not accurate /at all/.

The more accurate ones that actually give reasonable scores gave me a 129 IQ.

IQ is still meaningless though. It measures one and only one kind of intelligence, and that is problem solving,
making connections, and recognizing patterns. (This is what our brains do best though. Pattern identification
is what makes us smart.)
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