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What the hell?

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
It's really damn hard to tell what in fucks name is going on. Like. Seriously, big fights are just gonna be a mess of what the hell is even happening anymore

Nondescript's doehown (Map)

21:33, 8th Mar 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Map set to rejected on reviewer Shadow Fury's behalf.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
It's so funny to see how a map is hounded when it has an unacceptable description. It looks like an antilope in between a pack of hungry wolves :xxd:
Anyway, I tested the map and sincerely I found it really deluding for those reasons:

1- You overspammed the cinematic doodads and that could cause intense lag while playing which is really annoying. If you just open the map in the world editor, it already lags a little.
2- What the hell is the creep camp in the middle of the map!!?? They reach the unimaginable summed level of 96!!! Then, you cannot put a Fountain of Mana and a Fountain of Health in the same place as this would be unbalanced.
3- What you've done in the object editor is amazingly catastrophic. You've done such random weird modifications to all units that I cannot even imagine. All buildings have new model files. I see Night Elven buildings for Undead, Orcish buildings for Night Elves etc... and even the icons were completely unfitting.
4- I tested the map and the first thing I saw was 5 peasants with "penguins" attached to their feet and some on their heads. What the... is this a candid camera from the peasants? Nope, it was you giving some custom attachment skills to all units so I cannot really think what you did to other units (poor them, may God have some mercy at least)
5- Item drops are unsuitable as well as the creep camps. A level 8 Wildkin drops a level 3 charged item? Come on, you can do better and be less skimpy with this. Something like a level 6-7 item will be perfect. Same goes for the Centaur Khans guarding the gold mines. I see that in most item drops you've put underpowered items therefore you must fix them
6- The terrain isn't pleasant. After all those spammed effects, you obtained a dreadful result. Instead of focusing on the cinematic doodads section, you had to focus on environment, props and structures.
7- Ehm... lol? Goblin Shipyards on shallow waters surrounded by land?

There could be other issues but those already make a total disaster of this map. I guess I can stop here *panting*...
Overall, the map gets 1/5 and I vote for REJECTION!
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Level 2
Sep 9, 2015
I played this for a few minutes and.........this map is just weird .
+all units look cool
+flying units are even better
+oh my God guys you need to see pit lord
-hard to see units
-icons are some kind of joke
-this is just madness
-only AI can play without problems(by problems i mean understanding wtf is going on here)
-I dunno know what happend
But i think that this map is realy amazing and yyyyyyy kinda confusing.