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What map should I work on next?

What map should I work on next?

  • Agent Orange

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Stratego

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Moria City

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Tales of Robin Hood

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Templari Illuminos

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Red Feather

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I got another idea! (post it)

    Votes: 1 7.1%

  • Total voters
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Level 4
Jul 15, 2011
So... so far I really am just doing Helm's Deep maps, just improving the one I got until it's perfect -- I'm a perfectionist, you know? I got some ideas for a next map though, tell me what you think!
1) A cross between Zombie Wars and The Alternate Future called Agent Orange (Named after the deadly napalm used during the Vietnam war). The game starts in the early 70's, with the world divided between Democracy and Communism. However, eventually Agent Orange mutations begin to cause zombie uprisings, and then you must decide whether to fight together with your enemy for the common good... or take over the world, and hope you can still stand up to the growing zombie threat.
2) Stratego - A new type of tower defense, where you build non-moving units, and waves actually attack your armies. The goal is to survive each wave, and continue improving your strategy and unit quality. The different unit types you could pick from would depend on which country you pick. I was thinking Napoleanic countries, like Austria, Prussia, Russia, Great Britain, etc...
3) Moria City - A LOAP'esque map without being as dumb and pointless as it. It's based in Moria right before the goblins and Baelrog attack. About 10 players play as dwarves, and the other two play as the goblins. Sure! Live a good life, get some gold, but then the goblins attack. You can choose to join the army to fight (alongside an entire legion of NPC's), or hope that they won't break though.
4) Tales of Robin Hood - Sounds exactly how it is
5) Templari Illuminos - The Crusades, sounds exactly how it is. I'll make it a professional map, not just another weak attempt at a Crusades map.
6) The Red Feather - a map about native american tribes banding together to fight off American settlers
7) Other ideas
Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Agent orange, honestly, sounds like the best idea. I mean, seriously, a game where you take over the world by destroying it, using more destructive weapons that those conventional ones. That's awesome! Imagine how you can reshape the world - I guess there can be various mutagen variations, maybe an entire tech tree to research and unlock new technologies! Like you can begin researching technologies that could immprove the genome of your own nation (Of course, this could increase the chances of mutations, leading to some mutant rebelions begining to uprise in your cities), you could create more advanced mutagens that would make the zombies more powerful or even capable of thinking and using the weapons! Imagine how awesome that would be!
You would also have to create various mutagen virus deployment methods and counters fo them, you could find alternative ways of using the zombies virus, or just adapt your armies to all this mess you created, developing weapons that work more for zombie and mutant, not human slaughtering. Of course, you could try fighting only with conventional weapons, but that would take lots of time and effort - this would make you choose between a dilema: More efforts and no consequences, or rapid enemy elimination and ruined ecosystem and bloodthirsty zombies.
And don't forget about nukes! These could reshape the whole world, transforming regions into radioactive wastelands where zombies will mutate without any outter help.
Seriously, agent orange idea sounds cool, if you're planing to begin this project, I'll be ready to give you soem mroe ideas and suggestions!
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