What is SharpCraft?

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Aug 3, 2004
Some of you might have heard about Reinventing the Craft. It's an old project I initially started in 2007 and worked extensively on for several years along with SFilip. Reinventing the Craft changed goals several times, but in the end, the idea was that we wanted to provide a stable API for extending Warcraft III with new natives and features. Sadly, due to limited coding experience and time, the project ended up collecting dust.

Since we stopped working on it, I've been contacted several times by people asking for the source, but I was reluctant to release because of the mess it was and all the experimental features it had. On top of that, it was nearly impossible to maintain if an update were released.

This got me to slowly work on a replacement. The new goal for the replacement was that it should be easier to use and it should prioritize maintainability in favor of features, and above all, it should be open source. Over the past few years I've worked on and off on project SharpCraft.

SharpCraft is written from scratch in C# and uses EasyHook to inject into Warcraft III.

  • MindWorX - for all initial development of SharpCraft.
  • SFilip - for coding and research for our old project Reinventing the Craft.
  • PipeDream - for making Grimoire which have been used as reference and help on multiple occasions.
  • xttocs - for making jAPI without which this probably wouldn't be possible.
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