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What is a balanced map?

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This kinda like very easy to answer for, say veteran map maker. But this has been a question that has been posted in my mind from the time I got here in the hive until now... What is a balanced map? Which should be balanced in a map? What are the things that a mapper should consider to make his map a balanced one? A new map maker will always ask this question I guess...
Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
I'd say a balanced map has the following areas covered:
  • 2 Different Kind of Shops (Marketplace, Merchant, Laboratory, Fruit Stand, Dragon Roost, Mercenary Camp, etc.)
  • Symmetry (All sides are equal).
  • Good variety in the terrain.
  • Easy creeps near the player spawn, while much harder creeps are scattered either in trees or guarding certain spots.
  • Short, medium, and long passages for different styles of fighting (e.g Short for Melee Combat, Long for Ranged combat, Medium for both).
I don't know if I have forgotten anything but that's pretty much all I think would be in one right now.
Balance in a map is what makes an equal challenge for both sides but depending on what map the maker wants is the map gets harder for who is "loosing" or vise verse.
It varies from what map you are talking about as there is always something different in an original map but balanced is just an equal challenge for both sides or if it's a survival with each round gets harder untill you have breached the limit until you have lost or won.
Level 19
Oct 15, 2008
Although it can be hard to make a map that's perfectly balanced, I'd say a map with:

- Balanced team numbers.
- Similar positioning.
- Similar spells and heroes or synergy with them.
- Same type of a spawn for spawn maps.
- Not too biased environment or terrain.

That would be good enough for me:)
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