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What do u think about this?

What do you think about a non-violence-based map?

  • Ideas like that are ruining the Wc fun style.

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Level 16
Mar 8, 2009
I'm working on a project, a new serie of minigames. But, i make a poll here because the central idea of these maps are to NOT HAVE EXPLICIT VIOLENCE.
I believe that I can demonstrate that one map doesn't need that type of violence to be great. then i'm asking to you! What do you think about my idea?

Please, if you vote in the poll, leave a comment. I want to know why you vote X option.
Level 6
Sep 13, 2008

I voted maps need violence. Frankly I haven't seen any good maps without it. If you can make a good one though, I'd love to see it. But beyond hide and seek there are only a few things I can think of.

Mazes, puzzles, a tron clone could be neatly done, and I can think of a few more. I just really dont think the games would have much replay value. But I support the idea, if you think you can make a good one.
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