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web browser

What web browser do you use?

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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I can't stand most add-ons.

Firefox is just heads and shoulders above IE. I have never tried Opera, but I hear it's good.

Safari was fine on my Mac, but I tried the PC version... it stank.

I haven't used Netscape since the 90's.
Internet Explorer has too many holes that invites virus, trojans and spywares. I would NOT encourage people to use it.

Firefox is the one I use because it's accurate, safe and supports a lot of useful extensions.

Safari is only good on Macintosh. The Windows port has a lot of bugs.

Opera is very good, but lacks useful extensions.

Netscape was good in the old days. It seems to look outdated now.

I haven't tried Mozilla Suite (aka Seamonkey) though.
Level 11
Feb 18, 2004
Mozilla started with Mozilla Application Suite, then moved on to create Firefox. Mozilla was abandond, but picked up again as SeaMonkey.

Firefox was mainly much safer than IE for a long time due to the lack of market share. However, as that changes more and more exploits which target firefox are being found in the wild.

Firefox has a rather fucking slow JavaScript core. It also relies heavily on JavaScript for the UI. (It is, after all, a XUL based application, using JS for all the UI) This creates more UI hangs than IE, Safari, and Opera suffer from.

I use firefox out of lack of a more favoured option for me.
Level 8
Dec 11, 2006
Running on mac, safari and Firefox is pretty much the same for me. I mainly use safari for browsing while using firefox when working with websites.

I agree that Safari certainly blows on windows.
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