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WC3 Colorizer 1.4

Submitted by vibon
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This program allows you to generate colored text codes in Warcraft/Worldedit.
Warcraft/Worldedit only supports Hex Colors, so this tiny tool can be alot of help,
and will quicky generate a Color codes for you to use right away.

Program Function:
- Color Generator
- Color Picker
- Warcraft Standard Colors
- Supports custom Hex
- Very informative
- Very good Helper

Quick Tutorial

Don't use the ""':

The Text: "Warcraft 3 is awesome".
And we will Color the: "Warcraft 3", in the text

1. We must begin with to tell Warcraft/Worldedit where to start the color in a text.
To do so start with: "|c"
Now the text looks like this: "|cWarcraft 3 is awesome".
- Now, Warcraft/Worldedit can't do nothing with that.

2. So we need to add a Hex Color, Warcraft/Worldedit only supports Hex.
I'll pick the color Orange. And its Hex Color is: "FFFF8040". Add this right after the "|c".
So your text will look like this: "|cFFFF8040Warcraft 3 is awesome".

3. Now we need to tell Warcraft/Worldedit where to end the color,
and to do that, we need to add: "|r". At the very end of where you want your text ended.
Now the text looks like this: "|cFFFF8040Warcraft 3|r is awesome".
That will color the text: "Warcraft 3". with an orange color.

-If you wanted the whole text that color,
it should look like this: "|cFFFF8040Warcraft 3 is awesome|r".

- What is Hex Colors? Read This:

All About Warcraft 3 Color Codes:

Small Info:
WC3 Colorizer is a Tool made by me, i know there is many other tools like this one, but, i allways think what you creating yourself is allways better.
This tool was never meant to be Public, but now it is.

By the way, the is the very first program i ever made.
Please send bugs to: War3Cruzher@gmail.com
Or just PM me.

- Please Comment and Rate this tool.

This Tool has been tested and working with:
- Windows 7 (64 bit)
- Windows XP

Version History

Current Version: 1.4

25-03-2012 - Version 1.4
- Added Damage Calculator.
- Added DPS (Damage Per Second) Calculator.

10-01-2012 - Version
- Cleaned up the program,
now it's only: 59.0 kb.

10-01-2012 - Version
- Added RGB values.
- Added a "Color Picker".
- Added a better "Version History".
- Added new credit image.
- Added a "Colorizer Button"
Select the text you want
to colorize, if no text is
selected, the whole text
will be colorized.
- Changed the User Interface.
- Version History is now loaded
from a .txt file.

06-01-2012 - Version
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added two copy buttons.
- Added a "Help Sidebar".
Hover the mouse to where
you want help.
- Changed the User Interface.

04-01-2012 - Version
- Fixed a bug.
When selecting a color,
it will paste the HEX code
two times, in the:
Hex Code for Warcraft.

03-01-2012 - Version
- Finished Program.

This tool reqiures .net
Please rate, and give some feedback


Warcraft 3, The Fronzen Throne, Colorizer, Worldedit, Color, Generator, cruzher, Vibon, world editor, codes,

WC3 Colorizer 1.4 (Binary)

14:01, 15th Nov 2012 Magtheridon96: Approved. Well done, this is very useful ^_^


    Mar 2, 2020
    Very useful indeed