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WC3 Banlist 2.82

Submitted by Asuka_Langley
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This tool originates from here

[Darky: Is this legal? -oz02]
This program is created to make an effort at keeping your DotA games free of notorious leavers. Thereby it offers a local database (to which you can add people yourself) to alert you when a "leaver" joins your game or someone you've kept some information about.

The program can do this in various ways:

* Play a sound as soon as a leaver is detected, or banned.
* Display a text in-game floating at the top of your screen.
* Copy a text to your clipboard, so you can view the comment by pressing CTRL-V.

Further features include:

* Synchronisation with other people's banlists, either via the Banlist.nl Buddy Banlist System or a direct connection.
* Integration of clans' banlists / safelists.
* Showing the country or ping to joined players or the host.
* A realtime chat interface for Warcraft III using built-in stylesheets to match the Warcraft III-look or another look to your liking.
* A anti-download option which enables you to have people who try to download the map (when hosting) auto-kicked.

WC3 Banlist 2.82 (Binary)

  1. Wolverabid


    Oct 23, 2006
    [-] Legality questionable.