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Warrior of the chaos of Khorne--Warhammer Fantasy

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Hello friends, I am new to this website, I am amilkar acosta and I am one of the administrators and model creators of the Facebook group "Warcraft RESOURCES Reforged", I am making a fantasy mod of Warhammer, it is a MOBA for classic warcraft 3 and I bring you a model made by me of a "Warrior of the chaos of Khorne" enjoy it

The Warriors of Chaos are the most powerful mortal warriors in the service of the Gods of Chaos. Most are warriors drawn from the Chaos Barbarian tribes, warriors who have shown exceptional skill and strength. These men who have reneged and abandoned human society, and have been recognized by the Gods of Chaos.

Many Warriors of Chaos come from the Tribes of Barbarians of Chaos, but there are those who do not. Some are nobles from the warrior classes of the Empire, Kislev, Bretonnia, and even the Elven Kingdoms, bored with their life and seeking new thrills, adventure, and power. Others are outlaws from society: pirates, bandits, and impoverished warriors who have nowhere else to go. For them there is the comfort of belonging to something, even if for this they have to give up their soul.

The Warriors of Chaos are warriors of unparalleled skill. Imbued with the power of Chaos and often equipped with the mighty Armor of Chaos, they rarely have a rival in combat.

To obtain the favor of their chosen god they must join some band of Warriors of Chaos. As Warriors of Chaos they accept a life of continual bloodshed, slaughter, banditry, and pillage in exchange for the chance to gain favor with their master. These favors, once granted, are not always well received, because the Gods of Chaos are fickle and inhuman, and their gifts often take the form of great and horrifying physical deformations.

Many Chaos worshipers have tentacles, horns, scales on their skin, or suffer disfiguring mutations of any other kind. Their minds are also used to being affected, being subject to fits of rage, imbecility, uncontrollable hysteria, and other aberrations of the spirit. But not all the rewards of Chaos represent a disadvantage. Sometimes the gods transform their worshipers by empowering their physical and mental powers, granting them magical gifts, immunity to injury, incredible beauty, or immense strength.

Every Warrior of Chaos prays that one day his god will choose him to be one of his Paladins. As a Paladin you will receive greater rewards, and you can even achieve the ultimate reward of immortality by becoming a Demon Prince, as there is nothing that a god cannot do, nor favor that he cannot grant.

Warrior of the chaos of Khorne--Warhammer Fantasy (Model)

Warrior of the chaos of Khorne--Warhammer Fantasy (Model)

Warrior of the chaos of Khorne--Warhammer Fantasy (Icon)