Warlords & Samurais - DEMO (beta)

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Warlords & Samurais - demo


Warlords & Samurais is a single-player strategical campaign.

The gamestyle is quite similar to my previous campaign, Solders & Generals, but with better squad-controls and more features.

The demo contains three maps: a cinematic, the armory (read Gameplay for more info) and a playable battle.

Version: BETA

1562, September.
A huge army docked in the east coast of Japan.
No one knows who they are, but one thing is sure: they came with harmful purposes.
They already raided Chiba and Funabashi and they are heading to Edo. The Emperor ordered the Shogun (Asikaga Yoshiharu) to come to Edo and protect him.
The Shogun ordered his son (Asikaga Hanabusa) to stay in their town (Odawara).
However, Asikaga Hanabusa will get into the war too when a company of invaders are attack the town. Thats how the story starts.



The campaign has a unique gameplay. In each battle you control your army through the direction of your Warlord. Instead of directly controlling individual soldiers, you use the Warlord to give out simple orders to companies of samurais. This allows you to easily control large numbers of troops.

Armory: at the armory you can upgrade your troops. You will get money after each battle, and you can spend it on upgrading, customizing your troops and your hero. Currently only a few upgrades are available, but of course, there will be more in the final version.

Make your own decisions: at some points of the campaign you will have to choose how will you react to a situation, which will effect the ending of the campaign.


Black Stan - Spearman, Archer, Arquebusier, Heroes
BlinkBoy - Swordman
perfjert - Elite Swordman's Shield
Antihero - Skin for Swordman, Spearman, Archer and Arqubusier
Misecord - Maceman
Mechanical Man - (enemy) Arquebusier
Archangel_Tidusx - Sword for Militia
Kitabatake - Chest armor for Militia
NatDis - Leader
Mr. Bob - Temple / Building
Have fun!
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Warlords & Samurais - DEMO (beta) (Campaign)

17:00, 30th Nov 2009 ap0calypse: Approved
Nice this is similar to your other campaign Soldier & Generals.
I think the feodal japan era is better.

The armory system is a nice idea.
I like how you can upgrade your army trhough battle.
This is like an RPG but instead of leveling a character you level an army.
I think you should totally develope this concept with more amount of upgrade and customization with lots of possibilities.
Instead of just evolving the unit to the next tier you could add some minor upgrades and each tier unit has its own tree of upgrades.

i wonder if replaying a map 2 time will make you earn more gold and if you are able to replay map whit further upgraded army?
Level 5
Jun 2, 2009
Im glad you like the idea of the armory.
Yes, there will be more minor upgrades too, not just the "+1 armor". :thumbs_up:

No, you won't get more gold for replaying the same battle.
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Level 2
Aug 28, 2007
Your maps can't be seen in 1.24b can you fix it ?
oh that's it thank you.
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Level 4
Jul 29, 2008
this looks awesome im trying it.
10 seconds left for dl....9sec...

ok i played it now, its AWESOME!!! cant wait for full version release. 5/5.
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Level 3
Aug 11, 2008
Yeah I love the upgrade system, and the controls are nice and easy. Looking forward to more!
Level 4
Aug 1, 2008
If i remember, a ronin is a rogue samurai with no master, so having ronin as one of the unit makes no sense (in a historical context). if you don't really care about historical accuracy (like some people, im semi-caring about it) then ignore this comment and go ahead.

I can give you some ideas for units :D
- No Dachi Samurai (No Dachi was a two handed sword in japan, slow and powerful)
- Naginta Samurai (The Naginta was somewhat similar to a European Halberd/Polearm)
- Kensei (Japanese for sword saint, there were only a few men in history to be granted this title. These titles were granted for being a godlike master of swordsmanship. This unit should probably be by himself, but very powerful)
Level 1
Aug 25, 2009
Haven't played it yet... Like the concept, screen shots look great. I'm going to take a look at your other work after i look at this one
Level 8
Oct 3, 2006
Played it, loved it....this was way better than soldiers and generals, because it had what Soldiers and Generals was lacking...more manual and easier use on your armies.
BTW: Where did u get the models? I can't find Black Stan's works in the list?
Level 2
Jan 15, 2010
Awesome, just simply Awesome. I love the terrain, I love the units, I love the choices the player gets to make. I found the combat to difficult but inventive, I got my butt kicked a couple of times before I got the hang of it. But overall I definitely enjoyed it.

I hope we get to see more.
Level 6
Feb 27, 2009
meh, first 18th century warfare and now 16th century warfare....... when's the prehistoric one coming out? Man, that would be awesome......Dinosaurs forward! Rock throwers, throw!
Level 7
Jan 18, 2010
:infl_thumbs_up: I like ===>

- The battle system, easy to get and very nice, this is very promising, i'm impatient to play the complete campaign ;D
- The armory system, ofc this is very innovating and well making.
- You chose very nice models. (btw the mounted leader do not move his lips when he talks lawl xD, yes i know i'm boring tt)
- Good cinematic at the end, I hope they will all be like these one on the complete campaign.
- The executing or sparing scene with the leader at the end (i killed the guy ^^)

:spell_breaker: I don't like ===>

- Almost no music and special sounds, it makes the atmosphere very... hum... quiet >__>... but mayby i'm the only one to don't have music in battle.

:nemor: Overall ===>

Very promising campaign, i will not miss it, just plz think about the music and the ambient sounds. You can add some sounds in fight, for example when you gives an order or when the fight begins or whatevah, just add some sound atmosphere ^^
Level 5
Sep 18, 2010
wow i loved your campgains samuro and warrios and soldiers and generals but the most was samuro i got a taste for sword ,bow not musket or whatever 5/5
( xD this is so awsome an armory +5/5
Level 3
Jun 20, 2012
SAD. Dubbed's Maps have potential but he gave up with it. (Unless he is just taking a really long bath) I wonder what happened to him (car accident?).
Level 2
Jul 7, 2016
Are we likely to see any further advances on this map, I played the beta and really enjoyed that one battle, please improve the overall difficulty.